Smita Lahoti, MBBS

smita-lahotiHi there. As some of you may discern from my name I was born and brought up in India, a country I love for its close knit family centered culture and its diversity, both in people and in natural beauty. I found some of the same in this unlikely spot in New England. The culture at UVM is close-knit, supporting and nurturing, especially so in the psychiatry department. Having worked in India as a physician in various capacities and institutions, I can confidently say that the mentorship and camaraderie at UVM psych is phenomenal. You will be encouraged to be yourself without hesitation and also encouraged to explore your potential for growth in a very down to earth, unassuming manner. An added bonus - I believe the natural beauty of Vermont in every season is breath taking and I have traveled quite a bit. Burlington can be the happening place that you want it to be on your weekend off and it can also be serene and invigorating; take your pick. Lastly, the public schools here are the very best. They are not only 10/10 on great school ratings but I have also had the joy of witnessing my middle schooler and high schooler grow and blossom in unexpected ways. All in all – love at first sight and last. Please feel free to get in touch with anything at all that I can help you with.