Samuel Evenson, MD

samuel-evensonHi there, my name is Sam Evenson and I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have always been an advocate of trying new things, challenging myself and growing from it. This has led me to live four months in Kenya along the slums of Kibera, doing research on everything from genetic testing, ovarian cancer, and neurodevelopment to the impact of language on learning, and odd experiences like skydiving last summer in New Zealand. It has also led me to value people and how we respond to those in need. For these reasons I chose psychiatry and the University of Vermont.

When selecting a residency I paid special attention to the people, the location, and the facilities. UVM excels in each of these areas. The faculty are kind, approachable, and good teachers. The residents are collaborative, caring, and fun. I now live next to one of the prettiest lakes in the US and a downtown scene with daily events. The facilities are some of the best I found along my interview trail and every day I feel grateful to be a resident here.