Sammy Abusrur, MD

Abusrur _SammyI was born and raised in Florida to wonderful refugee/immigrant parents who instilled in me the love of caring for others. I decided to see what the other side of the country was like and attended Stanford University where I majored in History, spending time exploring interesting things such as the history of Islamic astronomy. To broaden my perspective, I minored in Human Biology and Middle Eastern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. I spent some time after graduating from college working out how to best help alleviate the suffering of children—a facet of humankind that has troubled me for as long as I can remember. I worked as a photographer during this time. I eventually decided to join my brilliant wife at New Jersey Medical School where I received a Master of Biomedical Sciences degree. Subsequently, I decided to complete my triangulation of the United States by returning to Florida for medical school at the University of South Florida. I was torn between Pediatrics and Child Psychiatry, but obviously the latter eventually won out. My wife and I have only been in Vermont a short time, but we are truly enjoying the area’s natural beauty, the kindness and acceptance of Burlington’s inhabitants, and the great local food available. Moreover, I believe we really have great, compassionate individuals in our residency, and it is a pleasure to work and learn amongst them. Also, maple-flavored everything here is a bonus.