Kyle Monahan, MD

kyle_monahanI grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and love to be outdoors. I especially enjoy hiking, biking, boating, and downhill skiing. I studied medicine at the University of Washington and found myself drawn to psychiatry as I traveled around Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington for clerkships. The patients I met taught me so much. I loved every opportunity I had to strike up a narrative and work towards solutions for health, wellness, and treatment. I find myself fascinated with sleep disorders, nutrition, the microbiome, mind-body medicine, and psychotherapy. I also thoroughly enjoy the pace of emergency psychiatry and acute stabilization.

It's clear that there is a culture of friendliness in Vermont, and it holds true in the hospital as well. Attendings have been excited to teach, both on and off service. I appreciate that UVM offers a large hospital experience, and also serves an outlying rural area. The program is supportive and tight-knit, and I know I'll receive an excellent education and be able to pursue my interests. I’m looking forward to years of learning alongside friends enjoying the activities Burlington has to offer.