Bee & Daisy Award Recipients

Daisy Awards

The DAISY Award recognizes nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families.

February 2021: Jocelyn Mustapha, RN, Mother-Baby 

April 2021: Kathy Counter, RN, Pain Management 

June 2021: David Hunt, RN, Inpatient Psychiatry 

August 2021: Heather Lefebvre, RN, Baird 3 

Austin Ashley, RN, Baird 3 

Alyssa DeMarinis, RN, McClure 5 

Bee Awards

The BEE Award recognizes members of support staff who go above and beyond, or as we like to say Beyond Exceptional Every Day.

January 2021:  Ethan Langlois , CPSA 

March 2021: Willow Yager, LNA, Baird 6 

May 2021: Jennifer Hipsley, Child Life Specialist Baird 5 & Mujesira Srna, LNA, Resource 

July 2021:  Jessica Rabidoux, Child Life Specialist Baird 5 & Vickie Celia, LNA, Miller 6 

September 2021: Kathleen Schneider, Patient Access Specialist & Erin Murphy, LNA, Baird 4 

November 2021: Pearl Moore, Clinical Program Coordinator & Katie Dunn, LNA, Baird 4