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Don’t Sweat It: Busting Six Menopause Myths

If you break out in a sweat just thinking about what menopause might mean for your mood, your relationships or your ability to sleep through the night, chill out. Women’s health experts Daniel Laury, MD, of UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, N.Y., and Mariah North, MD, of UVM

Women’s Health Aging Well

With Help from Young Survivors Group, Oncology Nurse Has Peak Experience

When Kelly Gernander, an oncology nurse in the University of Vermont Cancer Center’s Oncology-Hematology Clinic, finished a grueling chemotherapy regimen in 2007 and was declared cancer-free, she felt on top of the world. Less than a year later, she really was on top of the world, cresting the

Cancer Colorectal Cancer Patient Stories

Heart Care Hits the Road

The earlier Gavin Noble, MD, can discover a problem with a patient’s heart, the better. But when that patient lives in a rural community, where specialty care like cardiology isn’t available close by, discovering that problem can be impossible. “From Ticonderoga, it’s more than an hour drive to

Heart Health Community Health Innovation Patient Stories

9 Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask: Colon Health

There’s no easy way to say it: If you are age 45 or older and haven’t talked to your doctor about colon screening, you are already behind. We get it. Colonoscopies get a bad rap and people are uncomfortable talking about their bowels and bathroom habits. But when it comes to your health, ignorance

Digestive Health Cancer Colorectal Cancer Diet Gut Health

The Pandemic’s End

We asked three University of Vermont Health Network infectious disease and pulmonology experts to weigh in on the future of COVID-19. Jessie Leyse, MD, MPH, infectious disease physician at UVM Health Network – Central Vermont Medical Center David Kaminsky, MD, pulmonary and critical care physician

COVID-19 Community Health

What Is the Point of Yoga?

Roland Kielman, a Communications Specialist with the University of Vermont Health Network, recently explored yoga and its benefits during a 30-day yoga challenge with one question in mind: Is yoga a good cardiovascular workout? Just after the New Year, my doctor gave me some news that I did not want

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A Pioneering Procedure: Pediatric Spinal Anesthesia

Page for redirect to the YouTube promotional video for Children's - For decades, physicians at the University of Vermont Medical Center and UVM Larner College of Medicine have been pioneering a safer way to administer anesthesia to pediatric patients without putting them 'to sleep'.

Children's Health

A Tasty Recipe to Try: Toasted Spelt Soup with Escarole & Beans

At the start of each year, many of us commit to eating healthier. But what does that look like? Instead of focusing on what type of diet to follow, focus on the quality of foods you select: unprocessed or minimally processed foods, colorful vegetables and fruit, and more plant protein. With whole

Food and Nutrition Recipes Diet Weight Loss

‘Back to My Best’

Two miles from home, a sudden pain stopped Sara Rutledge in her tracks. As the feeling, now burning, crept into her chest, her black lab, Goose, turned and looked back, curious why their daily run was being cut short. Maybe it was the poor air quality, a consequence of smoke migrating to the Green

Women’s Health Heart Health Heart Attack Fitness Patient Stories

Myocarditis and Vaccination: Is It Worth the Risk?

Scott Yeager, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at University of Vermont Medical Center, answered our top five questions about this rare condition and its connection to COVID-19. What is myocarditis? Myocarditis is a general term for inflammation of the heart muscle. The heart can be affected by a

COVID-19 Children's Health Heart Health Teenagers Vaccines

Brush It Off

When Justin Hurlburt, DMD, looks inside a patient’s mouth, he’s actually looking at their heart, too. That’s because when there are problems in your mouth, like tooth decay or gum disease – all caused by bacteria – those same problems can find their way to other parts of your body, especially your

Heart Health Dental Health Heart Attack Stroke Pediatric Cardiology

Flexing in the Kitchen

We often hear about which foods we shouldn’t eat if we want to protect our heart: No red meat. No sugar. No salt. It’s somewhat harder to know what we should consume. “You can’t just throw away all the unhealthy stuff you’ve been eating if you don’t know what to replace it with,” says Anne McIlhenny

Heart Health Food and Nutrition Recipes Diet Heart Attack

‘I’m Right Where I Want To Be'

If not for Star Trek’s Dr. Spock, Johnnie Wren, MD, might not be practicing family medicine at the Au Sable Forks Health Center in northern New York. Fresh out of medical school and hoping to find a residency program to launch her career into family medicine, Dr. Wren attended a regional recruitment

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The Secret Weapon Against Getting Sick? Good Nutrition

A new spin on an old saying is “starve a cold, feed the gut” — an approach that may help keep sickness at bay. Nutrition is important, and foods you may already have on hand can offer your immune system a healthy kick. Emily Clairmont, clinical dietitian in Culinary Medicine at The University of

Food and Nutrition Flu Recipes Gut Health

Forgotten At Our Own Peril: The Opioid Crisis

Before the pandemic, it looked like progress was finally being made in addressing the opioid crisis. The medical community had tightened its prescription rules and new, effective treatments, like medication-assisted treatment (MAT), were becoming more and more widely available. Even the stigma

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