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Masked male volunteer sorting clothes.
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Two years into a global pandemic, the many ways COVID-19 has affected our mental health is becoming clear.

Masked physician administering flu vaccine to adult male patient.
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To help you make an informed decision about getting a flu vaccine, we put five of the most common myths under the microscope.

Teenage boy sitting, bent head down, looking at phone screen
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Don’t be part of the surge in neck and back pain related to digital devices.

Thomas Jackson profile photo
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Stories of gratitude from our UVM Cancer Center patients, their families and local partners.

Two glasses of Pomegranate Citrus Mocktail topped with lemon slices, rosemary and pomegranate seeds
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Looking for a non-alcoholic reset after the holidays? Here’s a mocktail to enjoy.

Mother checking temperature of her child
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Viral infections are leading to an uptick in hospitalizations. Experts share tips to keep yourself well.

Woman sick in bed with the flu with her arm on her forehead.
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Health care workers are on the frontlines of flu every day. Here’s how they stay healthy.

Person holding a mug tea
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Try some of these home remedies next time you’re feeling ill.

Illustration of hands with monkeypox
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Our infectious disease specialist answers your most pressing questions about the virus.

Woman home sick
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An expert weighs in on why it feels like everyone is sick right now.

Blood donation illustration
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A little creative thinking and a lot of cooperation helped blood remain available during a national shortage.

Man meditating in payer position.
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Sidelined by a foot injury, I began a low-impact yoga challenge with one question in mind: Is yoga a good cardiovascular workout?

Masked girl greeting provider by bumping elbows.
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The Family Medicine Residency Program at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital is bringing a new generation of family doctors to communities in the North Country.

Woman sleeping in bed
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Sleep is critical to our overall health, but many of us get much less than we actually need.

UVM Medical Center staff member donating blood.
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The pandemic has triggered a historic blood shortage and the need is critical. We’re asking you to roll up your sleeve to save a life.