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Portrait of Charles Mercier, MD, Medical Director of the NICU at UVM Medical Center
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New technology delivers the expertise of neonatal experts to rural patients in Vermont and northern New York.

Male teenager smiling and talking with is parents.
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In this Q&A, pediatrician Anna Hankins, MD, shares her advice for open, curious conversations with your child around LGBTQIA+, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Young boy kneading dough with help of mom.
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From midweek dinners to tasty snacks, these easy-to-make, affordable meals are perfect for even the pickiest eaters.

Close up of Henry Saladino playing with his mom outside
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Meet Henry. He’s two years old and his neurological condition is one in a million. Home health care is helping him beat the odds.

Zoom call screenshot with Ryan Mercer, Dr. First and Dr. Bell
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Experts from UVM Children’s Hospital answer parent and caregiver questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for kids.

Teenage girl talking with mother.
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It can be uncomfortable, but talking explicitly to our children and young adults about safe and unsafe touch is critical to empowering them and helping them understand that they are in control of their bodies.

Woman home sick
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An expert weighs in on why it feels like everyone is sick right now.

Big Change Round Up (BCRU) 2022 Logo
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Big Change Roundup (BCRU) is UVM Children’s Hospital’s largest fundraising event that supports the high-quality, child-centered care we provide our region’s pediatric patients. Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of children in Vermont and Northern New York during this year’s event March 28-April 29.

Infant in UVM Children's Hospital OR
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For decades, physicians at the University of Vermont Medical Center and UVM Larner College of Medicine have been pioneering a safer way to administer anesthesia to pediatric patients without putting them 'to sleep'.

Masked teenager at the doctors office.
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Myocarditis, a rare side effect of COVID-19 vaccination, made headlines. A pediatric cardiologist at UVM Medical Center explains why coronavirus infection poses a much, much greater danger.

Charlotte Safran and son
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On my son's fifth day of life, after returning home we had a morning filled with snoozing and nursing and diaper changing and more nursing, until our lives changed forever. Read Charlotte's story.

Headshot of Mary McQuillen Victoria.
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My daughter, Victoria, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was four years old. We were overwhelmed, scared and in shock. From the moment we met nurse Becky in the emergency department, we have been connected to the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

Toni Josey sitting in ball pit at UVM Medical Center.
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Our son was diagnosed with leukemia two days before his fourth birthday. In an instant, our world revolved around learning about his disease, treatments, medicine and test results. This is Toni's story.

Black and white portrait photo of Timna Dulmer.
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From a young age, our daughter told us in different ways that she was going to need something special to grow into the person she was destined to be. It took time for us all to develop the language we needed to understand that journey. Read Timna's story.

Rebecca Bell, MD, speaking at the Vermont Statehouse
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As a physician in the pediatric intensive care unit at University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, Rebecca Bell, MD, has seen too many babies whose lives were put at risk by an unsafe sleep environment.