UVM Health Network

Statement from UVM Health Network CEO John Brumsted, MD

A statement from UVM Health Network CEO John Brumsted, MD, regarding recent attacks against AAPI communities.


“This week’s horrifying murders in Georgia are yet another example of the increasing incidence of violence, hatred and racism targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Six of the eight victims were of Asian descent. And this comes amid a well-documented rise in hate crimes and xenophobia against AAPI communities since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am appalled and disgusted by these acts, and I want everyone to know that the UVM Health Network stands in support and solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community here and across the nation.

“In a time of so much uncertainty, fear and strife, it is tempting to feel tired, discouraged and numb. We can’t let that happen. While this week’s attacks have served as yet another wake-up call for some of us, those who are living through these terrors don’t have the luxury of looking away from the headlines or turning off social media when they’re overwhelmed by racist hatred and harassment. All of us must root out systemic injustice and our own biases with equal fervor; call out wrongs whenever and wherever we see them; and rally around those who are persecuted while offering support in whatever way we can.

“Words matter, and actions impact lives – both for good and for ill. Let’s work actively to be a force for good in our communities and in our country. Let’s speak up, act and continue to learn. Let’s reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion every day, both as a vital health care institution and as individuals who can make a difference.”