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Giving - April 2019

Read April's edition of the Giving Newsletter.

Giving Newsletter
ICU Team Recognized in New York Times Bestselling Series

ICU Team Recognized in New York Times Bestselling Series

In 2017, New York City resident Brian Maas suffered a severe heart attack while visiting Vermont. Hundreds of miles away, his daughter, Sarah, received a call she will never forget: her father was fighting for his life in an intensive care unit (ICU) at the UVM Medical Center. Sarah and her family quickly converged at Brian’s bedside, thankful for the ICU team’s expert clinical care and unwavering emotional support.

Sometimes words fail to convey the depth of gratitude in the heart. Other times, words say it all. In the “Acknowledgments” section of her book, A Court of Frost and Starlight, the fourth installation of a wildly successful YA fantasy novel series, Sarah included a message for her father’s caregivers:

“The incredible ICU team...will forever have my deepest gratitude. Not only for saving my father’s life, but also for the unparalleled care and compassion that he (and my entire family) received during the two weeks we spent camped out in the hospital. The ICU nurses will always be my heroes—your tireless hard work, unfailing positivity and remarkable intelligence are the stuff of legends. You offered my family a ray of hope in the darkest days of our lives, and never once made us feel the tremendous weight of the odds stacked against us...thank you for all you do and have done, both for my family and for countless others.”

Since his time at the UVM Medical Center, Brian and his family have made heartfelt annual gifts: the first made by Brian’s wife in his honor; the second made by Brian in honor of his caregivers.

Giving Takes Myriad Forms

Giving Takes Myriad Forms

Earlier this month, Tim Lahey, MD, an infectious disease specialist and director of Clinical Ethics at the UVM Medical Center, published a column in the New York Times that shone a light on the profoundly generous act of organ donation and the tradition it has inspired.

Read Dr. Lahey’s column here.

See moments from the first Honor Walk at UVM Medical Center here.

Victoria Reed
Victoria Reed

Record Year for Fundraisers Benefiting UVM Children’s Hospital

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Dr. Lewis First with Rallython dancers and supporters
Dr. Lewis First with Rallython dancers and supporters

UVM Rallython

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Visit the newly enhanced UVM Children’s Hospital Facebook Page for the latest children’s hospital events, news, stories and more.

Nan Frymoyer
Nan Frymoyer

Scholarship Cultivates Nursing’s Powerful Potential

Changing careers or returning to school after raising a family can be daunting. Nontraditional students—usually age 25 or older—often have to balance schoolwork, home life and a part- or full-time job in addition to commuting to campus. For those interested in a career in nursing, which requires both classroom and clinical training, the challenges can seem insurmountable.

But not for Nan Frymoyer.

After graduating from Mount Holyoke College in 1959 and raising four daughters in South Burlington, Nan was diagnosed with severe rheumatic heart disease. Amidst multiple hospitalizations, Nan experienced a gap between her care providers’ explanations and her own understanding. An up-lifter to her core, Nan’s response was to figure out how to bridge that gap so that future patients wouldn’t experience it. She began by going back to school.

By 1989, Nan had completed a BS in nursing and an MS in education. She then developed a community-based health education system to address the communications gap. Today, it supports nearly one million Vermonters.

With charisma and spirit, Nan served our region as a community member, a nurse, an advocate and an educator. Her persistence in overcoming personal adversity and her commitment to professionalism defined her career and were greatly valued in the nursing community.

After Nan’s passing in 2010, her family and friends decided to establish a scholarship to support a deserving student who embodies Nan’s character. This summer, the inaugural Nan Pilcher Frymoyer Memorial Nursing Scholarship will be awarded to a nontraditional UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences student. Nan’s husband, John Frymoyer, MD, former dean of the Larner College of Medicine, hopes the award is a reminder of the importance of community and the power of nursing to improve human health at a grassroots level. Nan certainly did.

Shannon Wheeler
Shannon Wheeler

Excerpt from Cardiology Patient’s Letter of Thanks

“I first met Dr. Lobel in September of 2018. I explained that I already had 3 heart ablations and had been in the emergency room several times. Dr. Lobel sat down and explained what I needed to get done. On October 22, 2018, I had the procedure, called SVT ablation, at UVM Medical Center. Dr. Lobel came in and explained what he was doing and introduced his medical team to me. I thought that was very professional.

After the procedure was done, Dr. Lobel came to my room and asked me how I was feeling and explained what he did. He also sat down and drew a picture of a heart and showed me. Dr. Lobel was great. I would recommend anybody to go to him that has an irregular heart rhythm problem.

I also want to praise the nurses and the heart doctors and the heart floor. The care was excellent.

[It has been] five months since I had my heart procedure. Can you tell Dr. Lobel that I feel much better and can you give this letter to him to read? I enjoyed having him as a heart doctor. Thank you.”

Shannon Wheeler, Plattsburgh, NY
Grateful Patient and Donor

Splash, by youth artist Yaw Mensah Abrompa, as featured in the 2019 Artist Calendar.
Splash, by youth artist Yaw Mensah Abrompa, as featured in the 2019 Artists Calendar.

Art from the Heart

Read about Art, Health, Environment and Community from Art from the Heart’s program coordinator Rebecca Schwarz.

Vermont Medicine

Vermont Medicine

Read the latest issue of Vermont Medicine magazine, featuring stories about students, faculty and alumni of the UVM Larner College of Medicine and its engagement with the wider community.

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Community Medical School 2019

Community Medical School: In Stroke, Every Minute Counts

According to 2018 American Heart Association statistics, someone in the U.S. has a stroke about every 40 seconds. Learn who’s at risk, signs and symptoms, stroke subtypes, and what to do when someone has a stroke. The discussion will include advances in research, therapies, and apps to treat stroke and assist patients in recovery.

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