Safe Kids VT

Safe Kids Vermont

Safe Kids Vermont (SKV) is a non-profit organization made up of individuals and organizations from around the state of Vermont dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries in children. SKV is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of similar organizations with the common mission of keeping kids safe.  SKV was founded in 1990 with the The UVM Children's Hospital as the lead organization.

Safe Kids Vermont Programs Focus

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Child Passenger Safety

Home and Fire Safety

Sports Safety

Important Facts on Helmet Safety

  • Helmets are meant to protect a person's head for one crash. Just like car seats, after one crash or accident, helmets will no longer provide the full level of protection. A crash will damage the foam inside the helmet; damage will not be visible.
  • Helmets can be too old to be effective. Plastic deteriorates over time as it is exposed to sunlight, sweat and drastic temperate shifts; common Vermont weather. Many sources, including Safe Kids Vermont and Local Motion, recommend replacing helmets every five years or after one crash.
  • There is no way to know the history of used helmets or safety gear. All major bike safety organizations clearly state that helmets should never be sold used, and helmets should be replaced after five years or one crash. As with car seats, selling used helmets may expose you to liability in the event of an injury or fatality. Sources warn consumers to not purchase used safety gear; this includes helmets. If you are a seller that is interested in providing your customers with helmets, contact Safe Kids VT for distributors that sell new helmets at extremely low prices. You can also visit or refer to local bike shops like Earl's Cyclery, Alpine Shop, North Star Sports and Ski Rack

Water Safety

Safe Kids Vermont in the Community

  • Co-sponsors safety seat checks throughout the state
  • Distributes educational materials on many injury prevention topics
  • Participates in community events
  • Provides program materials and grant opportunities
  • Provides resources for discount safety items, such as helmets, smoke alarms, and home safety items
  • Offers bike rodeo kits to schools, community providers, and parks and recreation programs

Contact Us

Phone: 1-800-974-7055
Email: vtsafekidsatvtmednet [dot] org