Injury Prevention & Safety Programs

The University of Vermont Medical Center cares about your safety. We offer various programs and resources to help prevent injuries.

Home Safety

  • Matter of Balance - a program designed to help reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults.
  • Falls and Fire Prevention - find out how to avoid injuries from falls and fires.
  • Falls Prevention Clinic - a service offered to outpatients that provides a comprehensive fall risk assessment and treatment for patients who have fallen or who are at risk for falling.
  • Poison Prevention - learn what poisons are and how you can avoid them.
  • Stop the Bleed - a 1 hour training to teach you how to identify and treat life threatening bleeding. 

Car Safety

  • Car Seat Safety - a program that offers car seat inspections and community outreach.
  • Txt U L8R Program - a program to discourage high school students from texting and driving.
  • Kohls Kids Bike Smart - a bike skills training program that teaches children to ride bikes safely.

Sports Safety

Helmet Safety Program

PHAT promotes the use of helmets in all sports where head injury is a serious risk. 

Concussion Task Force
The task force is an interdisciplinary group of The University of Vermont Medical Center and University of Vermont physicians and providers that focus on sports injury prevention and treatment with a focus on concussions.

Youth Sports Safety Program
Safe Kids Worldwide has created a national Youth Sports Safety program to provide parents, coaches, athletes and primary care providers with information and tools that are essential to keeping youth active, healthy and injury free, while playing the sports they love. Contact Safe Kids Vermont to learn more.

Safe Kids Vermont

Safe Kids Vermont is a coalition of individuals and groups with a common interest in reducing unintentional injuries in children. SKV was founded in 1990 with Vermont Children's Hospital as its lead organization and is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide.