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How to Overcome Overwhelm this Holiday Season (Virtual)


The winter holidays bring a mix of gifts and challenges. This class will provide attendees with easy-to-use tools that may help them better navigate the stress of social isolation and reentry. Drs. Eckhaus and Steward will share evidence-based ways to increase resilience throughout the ups and downs of the season and address frequently asked questions around this topic. Those who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder may find these approaches particularly helpful.

Headshot of Jeremiah Eckhaus, MD, ABHM, a family medicine physician Central Vermont Medical Center.

Jeremiah Eckhaus, MD, ABHM

Headshot of Aron Steward, PhD, Chief of Psychology.

Aron Steward, PhD

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This is a virtual event.
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Aron Steward, PhD, Chief of Psychology, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital and Jeremiah Eckhaus, MD, ABHM, Family Medicine Physician, Central Vermont Medical Center

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