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Billing and Patient Financial Services

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Price Transparency

A new federal price transparency regulation requires U.S. hospitals to publish data on all of the charges for services we provide. Visit our price transparency web page.

Ways to Pay Your Bill

Quick Pay

Quick Pay

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By Phone


Call us:

802-847-8000 (Local)
- OR -
800-639-2719 (Toll Free)

By Mail


Mail check to:

UVM Medical Center
Payments Department
PO Box 1854 Brattleboro, VT 05302-1854

In Person

In Person

Visit us on the Main Campus:

Patient Financial Services
111 Colchester Avenue
Main Campus, Level 3
M-F 8am - 4:30pm

Payment Methods
  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Traveler's check
  • Money order
  • Credit card
Payment Expectations
  • Unless a budget payment plan has been arranged, payment in full is expected with each statement.
  • Charges or credits applied to your account after the statement date will appear on your next statement.
  • If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, contact your insurance company.
  • Payments that are mailed with the billing slip will be posted to the oldest account first to prevent your account from being sent to collections (first in/first out).
  • We send bills approximately every 28 days until the balance for each account has been paid in full. If we do not receive full payment or payment on an approved payment plan within three (28-day) billing cycles, your account will be referred to an outside collection agency. Please contact Patient Financial Services as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Insurance Plans We Accept 

View UVM Medical Center's Accepted Insurance Plans.

Get an Estimate

Get an Estimate of What You Will Owe

Complete the following steps to receive an estimate before your visit:

  • Request CPT code from your doctor’s office.
  • Call us at 802-847-1122. Confirm patient name, birthday, insurance and provide CPT code. We’ll get back to you within 5 business days.
  • Call your insurance company to find out the portion you will need to pay based on your individual plan’s coinsurance and deductible amounts.
  • For more information on estimates, click here.

Estimates of charges may vary for the same type of service based on individual patient needs. The estimate provided is the average of all charges for patients receiving similar care and treatment. We charge for the actual services provided for an individual’s medical care, which may include other fees and costs in addition to those stated in the original estimated amount. Hospital rates in the state of Vermont are regulated and can vary, making the actual charges cost of care higher or lower than originally estimated. Estimates are based on current pricing at the time the estimate is provided. Your final bill will reflect the actual services provided during your episode of care. If you have any questions please contact a Financial Advocate at 802-847-1122.

Financial Assistance

Discounted Care

Discounted Care

Learn about options if you do not have health insurance and see a list of providers who offer discounted care.

View Providers

Budget Payments

Budget Payments

If you can’t pay your bill in full, we can help set up budget payments. This lets you make smaller payments over time, with no interest.

About Budget Payments

Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance Program

Find out if you qualify for our Financial Assistance Program.

Find Out If You Qualify

Health Assistance Program

Health Assistance Program

Need help with medications, dental care or glasses? Learn about our Health Assistance Program.

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Make Sure You’re Covered – Contact Your Insurance Company

Before your visit, procedure or stay, contact your insurance to find out what coverage you have and whether you are reaching any coverage limits.

You should also ask if you need “preauthorization” or a referral for the visit or procedure. This means that your insurance plan needs to approve your visit or procedure beforehand. If preauthorization is needed, ask if this has already happened. Even if you get preauthorization, make sure you ask what portion the insurance will pay and what portion you will need to pay.

No matter which insurance coverage you have, we will bill your insurance company for any services or procedures we perform for you. We participate as an “in-network” provider with these insurance plans. If your insurance provider is not on the list, we may be considered out-of-network.

Whether or not your insurance is on the list, we strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company to learn more about coverage for your health care.


To protect your privacy and make the check-in process easier, we call scheduled patients a day or two in advance to verify basic information such as your home address, phone number, emergency contacts and insurance.

UVM Medical Center pre-registration phone numbers:

Toll-Free 800-303-1939

Pre-Admission Coordination

Before you come in for a procedure or hospital stay, a Benefits Advisor will will contact you to verify basic information such as your home address, the name of your employer and the type of insurance you have. We can also help you understand your insurance benefits and establish a payment plan for any part of your care that is not covered by your insurance plan. If you think you will have a hard time making payments, please contact us. We are here to help.

Contact UVM Medical Center pre-admissions:

Toll-Free 866-631-4215

A Benefits Advisor is available to assist you at 800-PFC-TEAM.

Unless otherwise instructed, please try to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your appointment to allow time to check in. For procedures, please arrive by the time specified by your doctor’s office.

What to Bring

To make your visit easier, please bring:

  • Health insurance card
  • Picture identification, such as a driver's license
  • Referral and/or authorization forms, if required by your insurance company
  • Any physician orders provided by your MD
  • Payment method for co-pay, deductible and/or out-of-pocket expense/co-insurance

Paying at Your Visit

Paying at the time of your visit helps us to avoid additional administrative costs, which can be used to continue to offer high quality care.

  • Co-payments and deductibles are due in advance of or at the time of service. You may be responsible for additional out-of-pocket expenses based on your insurance benefit coverage.
  • Payment for elective services is required before or on the day of service. When payment in full is not possible, a deposit may be required to proceed with the service.
  • Not able to pay? We may be able to help. Learn about Financial Assistance programs, or call a Financial Advocate at 802-847-1122.

We can help put together an estimate of how much your service will cost. Learn more here.

We understand that you may not be able to pay the amount in full. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 802-847-8000 or 800-639-2719 to set up budget payments or discuss other financial assistance options. Without budget arrangements in place, the account may be referred to a collection agency.

The UVM Medical Center has its own internal financial assistance program. It's our private program for our patients who want to pay, but for one reason or another, need help with the bill. Learn more about our Financial Assistance Program.

Sometimes, you need to stay overnight at the hospital because you are recovering from an outpatient procedure. If this is the case, we bill the overnight stay as an outpatient procedure. If you have more questions about this, please contact us.

The UVM Medical Center provides more than just hospital, physician and emergency services. Many doctors in our community send samples to our Laboratory and Pathology Departments for testing and interpretation. If your hometown physician asked for help from a UVM Medical Center physician, you will be billed for the services performed on your behalf. In addition to those services, many of our doctors travel to other facilities to care for patients, so you may receive the services of a UVM Medical Center physician at another facility.

In most cases, you do not pay for preventive care; however, you may need to pay for diagnostic care (meaning there is a sign or symptom of disease). When both preventive and diagnostic care occur during the same visit, you are responsible for the diagnostic services (i.e., co-payment, deductible and/or co-insurance).

The UVM Medical Center does not become involved in any litigation regarding fault. We will bill your personal health insurance for any services you receive, and upon request, we will send a bill to the alleged liable insurance as a courtesy to you. We will also help you establish a budget payment plan that will keep your credit history clean while you pursue liability, with or without an attorney.

Here is a list of insurance plans we contract with. We will bill most insurances on a patient’s behalf; however, we do not participate with all insurance companies or their networks. Please contact your insurance company prior to your visit for details on whether your plan will consider services provided by the UVM Medical Center as in-network. Even if the UVM Medical Center is a participating provider with your insurance, some services (i.e., Rehabilitation Therapies or Mental Health) may not be covered by your plan.

Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

Patient Financial Services Customer Service ​802-847-8000 or 800-639-2719
Pre-Registration (Physician Appointments) ​802-847-5769 or 800-303-1939
Pre-Admissions (Hospital Procedures) ​802-847-6939 or 866-631-4215
Anesthesia Billing Questions (Professional Anesthesia Recovery (PAR) Management ​866-727-2040
Health Care Insurance Customer Appreciation ​800-631-7788
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont 800-344-6690
CBA Blue ​888-222-9206
Age Well (aka Agency on Aging) 800-642-5119
Department of Social Welfare ​​800-479-6151
Department of Veterans’ Affairs ​800-827-1000
​Financial Medical Systems (FMS) ​800-929-3622
Health Ombudsman Office ​800-917-7787
HowardCenter 802-488-6000
Ladies First ​​800-508-2222
​Medicare A & B 800-633-4227
​MVP 800-318-8575
New York State Medicaid ​contact the county offices in NY
​Sierra Tricare ​877-874-2273
Vermont Center for Crime Victims ​​800-750-1213 (in state only)
​VT Dept for Children and Families ​800-649-5285
Women Helping Battered Women ​802-658-1996
Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC. 866-585-1564
​BDM International Billing & Recovery Services ​866-797-2940
Collection Bureau Hudson Valley, Inc.  ​800-745-1395


Contact us with questions or if you need assistance with your bill. Please do not send credit card information via this form.

802-847-8000 or 800-639-2719 (Toll Free)