New Patient Bills Are Here

We heard you! In response to your feedback, the UVM Medical Center has redesigned its patient bills, reaching out to patients and visitors throughout the redesign process to ensure we were addressing the challenges the old bills presented.

Our new bills:

  • Use color to delineate the different bills (green for Facility, blue for Physician)
  • Make it easy to understand hospital and physician charges and the amount you need to pay
  • Make it clear that we offer financial assistance and how you can access it
  • Make it easy to understand the steps to take to avoid having your account(s) become delinquent, using color to highlight when payment is due and the status of the bill
  • Clearly show where you can go with questions and for assistance

The changes are highlighted below:

Our new bill, explained


If you have questions about your bill, call us at 1-800-639-2719 or email customerserviceatuvmhealth [dot] org (Customer Service).

The Three Types of Bills

There may be three separate bills issued for your care: hospital, physician and anesthesia.

  • Facility bills include facility use, supplies, lab and radiology services, surgical and medical procedures, and hospital stays.
  • Physician bills include physician evaluation, consultation, order management, test interpretation and office procedures.
  • Anesthesia bills cover procedures requiring the services of an anesthesiologist, such as surgery.

How Billing Works

After your visit, we send a bill to your primary insurance and, if needed, your secondary insurance. After your insurance company pays us, we will send you a bill for any amount that is left over. If your insurance company does not respond within 60 days after we contact them, we may ask you to contact them on our behalf.

Don't have insurance? Please notify registration at the time of service as you may be eligible for an uninsured patient discount.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have redesigned our patient bills with the following goals in mind:

  • Make it easy for you to understand the amount you need to pay for hospital and physician services.
  • Make it clear that we offer financial assistance and payment plans — and provide instructions on how to access them.



We reached out to patients, visitors and staff to learn how to improve the bills to meet your needs. Patients have told us that our bills are difficult to understand. Further, they say they weren't aware that we offer financial assistance and payment plans. We believe the work we have done in gathering their perspectives has helped us create a more understandable, accessible patient bill.


The new bills:

  • Have color headings that clearly identify whether the charges on the bill are for hospital/facility (green) orphysician (blue) services.
  • Use color to highlight the balance due and whether payment is delinquent (orange for past due and redsignaling the bill will be going to collections).
  • Provide instructions on who to call to arrange for payment plans and/or financial assistance.
  • Clearly convey where you can go with questions.



An insert featuring the graphics on the back of this document will be included with new patient bills for at leastsix months. We are also updating patient materials and are using the UVM Medical Center website, socialmedia and news media to share this information with our community.

For a full list of billing FAQs, visit our Main Billing Page.