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Spiritual Care Volunteers


Persons feeling called to service in the Spiritual Care Department receive a thorough introduction to this ministry, either as a one-to-one experience or through a group session.


Position descriptions clearly identify the spiritual care volunteer’s role, scope of service/limitations, and areas of service.  The descriptions clearly distinguish the roles for those serving as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. 


Trained to assist Chaplains in providing specific services to patients, volunteer visitors function as an extension of the Spiritual Care Department.  Through a ministry of presence, a volunteer visitor will provide comfort and support to those in need. For patients who are in spiritual distress, the volunteer will refer the patient to a Chaplain for evaluation and possible intervention.

Areas of Service:

There are openings for Catholic Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (also known as Eucharistic Ministers).


  1. Application Form — Normally we are accepting applications in the spring and in the fall of each year. Potential volunteers complete an application form, which provides a snapshot of their sense of call to spiritual care, volunteer experience and references.  A letter from his/her Catholic priest/pastor affirming good standing and endorsing the person’s capability for being an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion/ Eucharistic Minister accompanies the application. 
  2. Interview Schedule — An initial interview with at least two members of the University of Vermont Medical Center Spiritual Care Department provides an opportunity for the applicant to expand on the information in the application form, and for the interviewer to gauge the applicant’s capacity to participate effectively in spiritual care training. An assessment and initial decision will be made whether the applicant is a match for the needs of the department and then will be invited to the training program. 
  3. Obligations with Volunteer Department — Each applicant must also fill out the Volunteer Department application form, which is different from the Spiritual Care Department application. The University of Vermont Medical Center Volunteer Department provides an orientation to volunteering, obtains a background check, and facilitates employee health requirements.
  4. Expectation of Service Commitment — The minimal duration of service is two (2) hours at any given period.

For further information Contact:

Manager of Spiritual Care Department

Fr. Jack Crabb, SJ

(802) 847-5026