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Robert E. and Holly D. Miller Building

For the past few years, a tireless team of leaders, physicians, nurses, facilities experts, patients and families has been working to design a facility that will help us provide the best possible care to the sickest and most complex patients in our region, in an environment that promotes healing and quiet. The facility is also designed to be incredibly efficient and cost effective. In April 2016, the project received regulatory approval to begin construction. Learn more about this project by watching the video below.  

The UVM Medical Center is creating a better space for our patients — enhancing quality, privacy and healing, while providing more room for families. We understand you may have questions about the Miller Building.  Please watch the videos below to learn more.

  • Why are we doing this now?
  • Why can't we just update the current inpatient space?
  • Will a new building really mean better patient care?

    Why can’t we just update the current inpatient space? 

    There are many limitations to revamping our current inpatient facilities. Learn what some of these challenges are in this video.


    Will a new building really mean better patient care?

    Yes! Watch a video that explains how this new space will lead to safer, high-quality care, a better environment for healing and greater patient privacy.  



    Is this new building affordable?

    Years of thoughtful financial planning have gone into development of this new building. Learn more from our leadership in this video.  


    What will the new building look like?

    View Artist Renderings of the New Miller Building

    • A seven-floor inpatient building, approximately 180,000 sq. ft.
    • Located on the west side of the Medical Center Campus above the existing Emergency Department parking lot 
    • 128 single occupancy, medical-surgical, telemetry-capable rooms on Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6
      • While future flexibility is anticipated, initial services by floor are as follows:
      • Level 3 - Cardiothoracic, Vascular and Bariatric Surgery patients
      • Level 4 - Cardiology patients
      • Level 5 - Oncology patients & related surgical services
      • Level 6 - Orthopedic patients
    • Mechanical space on Levels 2 and 7
    • Modified Emergency Department entrance and parking on 1st Level
    • Connecting corridors from new building to Ambulatory Care Center on Levels 1, 2 and 3 and to McClure building on Levels 3 and 4
    • LEED certified design for sustainability
    • This project does not actually add beds, but will allow us to place more of the beds we do have in private rooms.
    • We’ll increase our single-occupancy rate from approximately 30% to approximately 90%.

    Who is doing the construction for this project?

    MorrisSwitzer~ Environments for Health of Williston is the project architect, and The Whiting Turner Contracting Company of Baltimore, MD is the construction manager, partnering with Neagley & Chase Construction Company of South Burlington, VT. MorrisSwitzer is one of the few architectural firms in the country devoted exclusively to healthcare. They designed our Vermont Children’s Hospital inpatient unit, the Walk-In Clinic at Fanny Allen, and several other UVM Medical Center projects in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. They are also designing the new Mother-Baby unit which is under construction now. Whiting Turner has over a century of construction experience and prominent healthcare clients like Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, and Kaiser Permanente.

    Whom can I contact with questions?

    Dave Keelty, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, at 802-847-8443 or