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Transplant Surgery

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The liver is called the workhorse of the body; it is responsible for many different functions. Needing a liver transplant can be a very frightening experience.

At The University of Vermont Medical Center, our liver transplant team is aware of your anxiety, questions and concerns. We will prepare you for liver transplant surgery with our experience and more importantly, our care and compassion.

Liver Transplant at The UVM Medical Center

Our transplant team includes the only board-certified transplant hepatologist in Vermont. A transplant hepatologist is a liver disease specialist with advanced training in evaluating patients for liver transplant surgery and managing their care afterward. We offer:

  • Comprehensive transplant evaluation services for patients to determine if you are a candidate for surgery
  • Referrals to New England's leading hospitals for liver transplant surgery
  • Medical management after surgery to monitor your health and immunosuppressant medications and watch for signs of organ rejection

Is Liver Transplant Surgery Right for Me?

Liver transplants are usually reserved for patients who are very sick, usually with end-stage liver failure or cancer that fail to respond to other treatments. People who may be considered candidates for transplant surgery have one of the following:

In order to be placed on the liver transplant list, your transplant team must determine if you are eligible. A patient will not be eligible if they have other major health problems, limited life expectancy, substance dependency or an uncontrolled infection outside the liver.

Screening Tests for Liver Transplant

All patients interested in liver transplant surgery must undergo a thorough transplant evaluation process to make sure you are healthy enough to receive a new organ. Tests for potential liver recipients include:

  • Blood tests, to check your bilirubin and how well your blood clots (prothrombin time, or PT)
  • Ultrasound
  • Kidney function tests, including blood work, urine tests or biopsy

Learn more about transplant evaluation at The UVM Medical Center.

Referrals to The UVM Medical Center Transplant Surgery

Primary care physicians and specialist physicians refer patients to The UVM Medical Center Transplant Surgery. Our team responds to each referral. The referral process can be started with a phone call to our office: 802-847-4774.