Yelena Khazatsky, Kidney Transplant Recipient

Learn about Yelena's kidney transplant experience at the UVM Medical Center.

Yelena Khazatsky

It was during my darkest time that I met the kidney transplant team led by the amazing Dr. Carlos Marroquin. I live in Boston, MA, the hub of what is often thought of as world-class hospitals. What is also important to know is that prior to coming to the University of Vermont Medical Center Transplant Clinic, I had already been through the process of registering with a transplant clinic in Boston.

From the first moment to the day we left with my new kidney, Dr. Marroquin and his team has been nothing short of miraculous. Their ability to make me feel seen, heard, cared for and acknowledged, as well as their unparalleled medical skills has simply changed my life.

My daughter, who counts the biggest hospitals in Boston as her clients, kept saying to me “BI, BWH, MGH, these guys need to come and learn from UVM and this team. They are amazing.”

I have no doubt that all transplant patients feel an enormous amount of gratitude to their transplant teams wherever they are. But please know that through my long illness I had experienced the care of many of the best hospitals in the world.  I can say with no hesitation that Dr. Carlos Marroquin, Richard Padula, Stephyne Burke, Teresa Rockwood, Lisa West, Erin Frepeau, Mary Sapienza and Lydia Damag are unmatched in their skill, dedication and ability to change the lives of your patients.  Even today, when my care has been transferred to Boston, they are ready and available to support me in any way that I need. This is incredibly special in today’s health care environment.

Thank you from the Khazatsky family for creating such an exceptional place with such amazing staff.

— Yelena Khazatsky, Waltham, MA

  July 31, 2015