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UVM Medical Center Enhancing Awareness of Patient Financial Assistance Programs

Goal is to ensure patients know what they are eligible for, and get the help they need.


The University of Vermont Medical Center is taking steps to ensure patients are aware of various options for receiving financial assistance to pay for medical care. Patient bills are being simplified for ease of understanding, and financial assistance handouts have been updated to provide more information. 

As a non-profit, safety-net hospital with a mission to provide needed care regardless of someone’s ability to pay, the UVM Medical Center offers a number of financial assistance programs including an automatic uninsured discount to all patients seeking care regardless of residency, and the type and location of care. We also offer additional free and discounted medically necessary care to Vermonters and residents of northern New York who do not have insurance, who are not eligible for a government program, or who are insured but cannot afford the costs associated with their care. There is also assistance available to help pay for medications and/or medical supplies.

“No one should delay or forgo care out of financial concern,” said Shannon Lonergan, director of Patient Access at the UVM Medical Center.  “That is why we place such a significant emphasis on educating our patients and families about the programs and services available to them, and on helping them with the payment process.”

Preliminary calculations from fiscal year 2017 indicate community benefits provided by the UVM Medical Center totaled approximately $193 million, or 16.2% of net revenues, which includes free care, grants to community health organizations, and absorbing underpayments in Medicaid and other programs. This percentage is typically higher than hospitals in Vermont and northern New York, and major academic medical centers in New England.

Here are various ways patients can learn more about assistance that is available to them:

Speak With Patient Financial Services 802-847-8000 or 800-639-2719.

Apply For Financial Assistance
Please visit us on online to find our guidelines, policy and download an application.

Speak With a Financial Advocate
Contact our financial advocates if you would like help applying for Medicaid or financial assistance. 802-847-2830 (option 4)

Learn More About Patient Benefits
Contact our patient benefit advisors if you have questions about an upcoming procedure.

Patients can also visit these two websites to learn more: uvmhealth.org/MedCenter/FinancialAssistance

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