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Giving Newsletter

Our sincere thanks to REM Development and Farrington Construction for their generous, lead sponsorships of the UVM Medical Center’s 2018 Gala to benefit the UVM Children’s Hospital.

“My connection to the UVM Medical Center is lifelong. Family members and friends have started their lives here, been fixed and healed here, and some have left us from here. Farrington Construction’s gift to UVM Children’s Hospital is our way of making an impact on tomorrow’s healthcare landscape, so that my kids, my employees’ kids, my neighbors’ kids - all kids - have what they need to be well.”

–Dave Farrington, Jr., Farrington Construction

“We share the UVM Children’s Hospital’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of our region’s youth, particularly those who are most vulnerable. From our support of the Children’s Miracle Network Fund beginning over 30 years ago, to our sponsorship of this year’s Gala benefitting the children’s hospital, we are delighted to be part of this community-wide effort.”

–Bob and Holly Miller, REM Development


In Your Words

We are all influenced by generosity - as the giver, the receiver or simply observers. From the small act to the grand gesture, generosity lifts the human spirit and helps the world move forward.

This month, we invite you to share one of your experiences of generosity - an early memory or perhaps a recent event. Give us one sentence or several. Include your name or remain anonymous. In either case, we’d be delighted to hear from you and look forward to sharing a selection of the responses we receive in our December issue.

Click here to submit your answer. Thank you!


Letter of Thanks from Local High School Senior

Dear Dr. Spector,

My name is Colin Hayes. The UVM hospital holds a special place within my heart. The first time I was there, it was concerning my heart, which led to my diagnosis of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Quickly following this, I underwent a cardiac catheter ablation which you performed.

During the four hour procedure, the extra electrical pathway in my heart was eradicated. Following this, I was sidelined from basketball for two weeks before being cleared to play after a successful procedure and recovery process.

Without your guidance, knowledge, hospitality, and efficiency, I would not have been able to have my heart condition treated. For this, and all that you do, I say thank you.

Enclosed in this envelope, you will find a donation courtesy of me. Giving back to the people who made my life so much better is the least I could do to show my thanks and appreciation.

I raised this money from my school senior project in November of 2017. I held a basketball tournament to raise money for your department and the Children's Hospital.

I am now a little more than 8 weeks away from my high school graduation. Writing this letter brings back memories that I will not soon forget. I thank you greatly for all you did for me, and I will never forget it.

Sincerely thankful,

Colin Hayes


Upper row: Andrew & Dawn Godaire; Andrew’s tattoo; Nick, Andrew, Jonathan & Mark Godaire Bottom row: Andrew’s family, including Lori Ann Roy (far right), with Godaire Fund beneficiaries Meaghan Hughes (left, center) and Andrew Gross (right, center)

“Live the life, change the world.”
–Andrew Colby Godaire

Andrew Godaire will not be forgotten. In the hearts and minds of those who knew him, he is ever present, a joyous reminder to love, laugh, enjoy what life has to offer and focus on what matters.

In the aftermath of the car accident in November 2016 that claimed Andrew’s life, his family sought a befitting legacy—one that touched lives and helped others do the same. Several of Andrew’s family members have been part of UVM Medical Center so giving back to the medical center community was important to them. Ultimately, the joy Andrew found in his work as a medical assistant in Dermatology led his family to establish The Andrew Godaire Memorial Fund to help medical assistants with a similar passion take the next step in their education.

In 2018, the Fund is doing just that for medical assistants Andrew Gross, Department of Neurosurgery, and Meaghan Hughes, Fanny Allen Urgent Care. Gross, a student in the UVM Master of Public Health Program, has applied his scholarship to tuition costs while Hughes, soon to be a technician in the Emergency Department, is using her scholarship to take prerequisite classes for nursing school.

To ensure the Fund’s sustainability, Andrew’s aunt, Lori Ann Roy, director and manager of Radiation and Oncology, organizes an annual golf tournament at West Bolton Golf Club each July. Now in its second year, the tournaments have raised $24,500 for the Fund, largely due to the generosity of the community, local businesses and fellow medical center employees.

“I had no idea the breadth of impact my nephew had had in his 22 years until countless people came forward wanting to be a part of the tournament and help raise money in his honor,” said Lori Ann.

Gifts to the Fund can be made year-round. To learn more about the scholarship program, contact Lori Ann Roy at LoriAnn.Roy [at]

Play Video - Shelley & Chip Spillane

There’s a meaningful story behind every gift. In the new Miller Building, grateful patients, community members, local businesses and UVM Medical Center clinicians, leaders and volunteers are naming patient rooms with their gifts – creating legacies, honoring caregivers, investing in tomorrow’s patients and families, and for some, furthering their own healing.

Find out what inspired Chip and Shelley Spillane to name a patient room with their gift to the Miller Building.


Move Mountains Campaign Passes Goal Early, Builds Momentum for Final Year

Tens of thousands of people, each with their own story, have demonstrated their support for UVM and the UVM Medical Center during Move Mountains: The Campaign for The University of Vermont, which recently surpassed its $500 million campaign goal. At the UVM Medical Center, donations have supported enhancements to patient care, continuing education for nurses, the new Miller Building, scholarships for residents and medical students, and research to improve clinical treatments. Learn more about the campaign’s broad-ranging impact on the full UVM community.


Dean Morin (left) and Richard Raynor, MD ’55 in New York City

(Re)Creating the Larner College of Medicine

Legacies take many shapes: some brick and mortar, evident for all to see; others less visually obvious but equally impactful, moving institutions and individuals indelibly forward.

Rick Morin, MD, will leave behind myriad legacies when he retires in late September after eleven years as dean of UVM’s Larner College of Medicine. Notable among them – with benefit throughout the College and greater academic medical community – are his enthusiastic involvement with medical alumni and his partnership in fundraising.

Among UVM and UVM Medical Center colleagues and faculty, staff, students and alumni, Morin has earned confidence in his leadership. Richard Raynor, MD‛55, one of more than 4,700 living Larner College of Medicine alumni who trained here at the UVM Medical Center, is an example.

Raynor, a career neurosurgeon in New York City, has been making charitable gifts to the College for 43 years. His early contributions supported the primary annual giving fund, but in recent years, he has given consistently to the Dean’s Strategic Fund, a discretionary fund providing unrestricted support for areas of greatest need, as determined by the dean. The Fund has supported scholarships for medical students, the recruitment of new faculty, and critical basic science research to improve our understanding of diseases.

Larner College alumni have consistently ranked among the highest for continued contribution to their alma mater. “It’s been a wonderful thing to work with our alumni in finding their passion and helping them do things, create things, for their medical school,” says Morin.

After his deanship, Morin plans to take a sabbatical and then return to UVM - perhaps in a teaching capacity. “And I’d like to continue my relationships with alumni,” he adds. They’d like that too.


CNHS Professor Rosemary Dale and Dean Patricia Prelock with the Rouleau family: Evan, Ali, Ray and Christian

Legacy of Compassion

UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) students are vibrant members of our UVM Medical Center community and their clinical training is a core element of our academic mission. When unexpected difficulties interfere with CNHS students’ studies and welfare, support is now available to help them get back on track.

The Dr. Barbara A. Rouleau Student Emergency Fund in Nursing was established to honor a talented and beloved CNHS alumna and nurse practitioner program educator who passed away last November. “In the clinical setting she demonstrated the highest level of care and caring for her patients…Barb had a unique way of making people feel comfortable and cared for,” says Professor Rosemary Dale. To learn more about the Rouleau Fund click here.


Donors to the Academic Health Sciences at UVM, including the UVM Medical Center, are invited to a reception from 5:15 - 6:00 p.m. just prior to this season’s first Community Medical School on September 4 in Carpenter Auditorium at the Larner College of Medicine. To learn more about Community Medical School, click here.

To RSVP for the reception, please email Allison.Searson [at] Community Medical School is free and open to the public; no RSVP is necessary for the program.

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