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Miller Building

Kinney Drugs Foundation’s Family-Focused Philanthropy

Kinney Drugs Foundation’s recent $250,000 gift to the Robert E. and Holly D. Miller Building project is an investment in people. “Our customers are your patients,” said Kinney Drugs Foundation President Dave McClure to UVM Medical Center senior leaders, clinicians and staff. “The Miller Building will take your services to a whole new level. It’s so good for our communities.”

Kinney Drugs Foundation has been a long-time supporter of UVM Medical Center, having made significant contributions to UVM Children’s Hospital through Children’s Miracle Network since 1993. In 2015, Kinney named the Medication Room with their gift to the new Mother-Baby Unit, a key medical center renovation that now provides space for mothers and babies to receive the best, most attentive care at a most important time, and for families to bond in a more private environment.

Kinney’s family-focused philanthropy continues with their Miller Building gift which names Family Rooms on the third and fifth floors. Family Rooms are a key feature of the patient- and family-centered care model, providing a relaxed, comfortable setting for patients’ loved ones and guests to gather and regroup.

“Kinney Drugs and the medical center are kindred spirits,” said UVM Medical Center CEO John Brumsted, MD, at the check presentation gathering. “We share a higher, common purpose of finding new ways to improve the health of our population.”

Steelwork on the new Miller Building is underway and will continue through August. The structure is expected to be enclosed by December. Watch the live construction web cam to chart progress until the building’s grand opening in the summer of 2019.


In This Issue

> A Golf Classic to Remember
> Why Give to the UVM Medical Center?
> Video of the Month: EMT Instructor Becomes the Patient
> Donor-Supported Fund Fuels Employee Innovation
> Investing in People
> Mark Ray Rides for Heart Health
> Gifts of Gratitude

University of Vermont Children’s Hospital 28th Annual Golf Classic
University of Vermont Children’s Hospital 28th Annual Golf Classic

A Golf Classic to Remember

Wind, moderate to heavy rain, unseasonably cold temperatures...the conditions would have sent most golfers to the clubhouse. But on July 24, nearly 200 men and women – from as far away as Boston, MA – braved the unfriendly weather so they could take part in the friendly (and beloved) University of Vermont Children’s Hospital 28th Annual Golf Classic, a tournament that for years has helped fund life-saving initiatives and put smiles on young patients’ faces.

The rain was torrential at times - golf carts fishtailing in the rough, shoes squeaking across the putting green - but the atmosphere was jovial. “It’s for the kids,” said one golfer as he pulled his driver from a drenched bag of clubs, sloshed over to Hole #1, set his ball up on the tee, and swung. The ball sailed into the air, disappeared momentarily against the grey sky, and then reappeared and landed perfectly – and unimaginably – in the center of the fairway. “What’s a little rain?” he said, but his words were all but drowned out by a passing squall.

Drives like these and countless others demonstrated the spirit and deep commitment of this year’s tournament participants. More than $129,000 was raised for UVM Children’s Hospital, through corporate sponsorships, team registration fees, on-course contests, a silent auction, and charitable donations. Proceeds will support emergency equipment for the sickest of infants, Child Life Specialists who help hospitalized children adapt and thrive, and programs and services that bring play and creativity into the areas of the hospital where young patients spend most of their time.

A heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, players, volunteers and all who helped make the Golf Classic a memorable success. Find out who won tournament prizes and see team photos here.

Why Give to the UVM Medical Center?

“I am happy to say that I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor! Thank you to all of your wonderful staff at the Breast Care Center that made this a reality. My ladies dinner group decided years ago to make a donation to various charities or organizations that have touched our lives in one way or another. This year, with deepest gratitude, our donation went to the Breast Care Center.”

- Elizabeth, grateful patient and Girls Dinner Club member, Milton

Video of the Month

Video of the Month

Donor Supported Fund Fuels Employee Innovation


Donor-Supported Fund Fuels Employee Innovation

UVM Medical Center employee-led innovations just received a $249,980 boost in funding – thanks in part to charitable giving by medical center employees. Each year, more than 2,700 grateful patients and their families, community members, and employees give to the UVM Medical Center Fund, where unrestricted gifts are pooled and then redirected toward areas of greatest need within the hospital.

With the new UVM Medical Center Fund grant program, a portion of this Fund will now be allocated to support employee-initiated projects that promise significant improvements in their work and measurable advancements in patient care.

Grants were selected by a committee comprised of leadership, staff, and volunteers from across the medical center and winners were chosen by the UVM Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors, further ensuring these initiatives have the full weight of the medical center community behind them. Applicants who did not receive an award in this round will be offered assistance identifying other potential funding sources.

Click here to read more about the funded projects and their anticipated impact on patient health.


Joseph Dayan


Investing in Learners

“I remember clearly when I first came here [as a medical student] and how much I owe to all the administrators, doctors and teachers I had. I came in the farthest thing from a doctor. I was passionate, excited, wanting to take care of patients, but really awkward, misguided, not really knowing how to be a doctor. I had guardian angels through medical school who saw beyond my awkwardness, saw me positively, took me by the hand, supported me and guided me in the right direction. I wouldn’t be here without them. As somebody who may have fallen through the cracks without proper guidance, I am now dedicated to patients who almost fall through the cracks.”

-Joseph Dayan, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and ’02 graduate of the UVM Larner College of Medicine, from which he recently received a 2017 Early Achievement Award.

Behind every great physician is likely a great mentor. As a teaching hospital, UVM Medical Center brings high-quality health care to the people of our region while creating learning environments in which UVM medical students and early career clinicians can thrive under the tutelage of world-class physicians.

Gifts to the medical center are not only investments in the care of today’s patients, but also in the mentoring and training of tomorrow’s patient- and family-focused clinicians. Learn more about how your support can make a difference. Contact Kevin McAteer, (802) 656-4469,


Mark Ray

Mark Ray Rides for Heart Health

“I feel his presence often when I’m out there,” said Mark Ray about his late father and the cycling fundraiser he co-founded in his memory. Jim Ray, an avid cyclist, died of heart disease in 1996 just two years before Mark’s first child was born.

“It’s been a way to keep my father a part of my life, to benefit my health, give back to the community and make a small contribution to heart disease research,” says Mark of the Jim Ray Memorial Heart Ride, an annual event which has raised nearly $170,000 for heart disease prevention and research since the inaugural trip in 2000.

Early Career Investigators at UVM Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Research Institute of Vermont (CVRI) are the beneficiaries of the 2017 Heart Ride. Funds raised will give CVRI scientists and physicians at the start of their careers a chance to attend leading-edge conferences and educational forums.

“Such opportunities can have a significant impact in the long-term,” says Mark. “You never know what a promising young researcher will learn in that environment and what it might inspire them to produce during their career.”

This summer’s ride involved more than 120 miles of grueling terrain: through the Appalachian Gap, the Middlebury Gap, around Lake Dunmore, across the Brandon Gap, and then up to the Killington Ski Area where Mark and his cycling and fundraising partner Steve Gronlund were photographed. (The total of 17 fingers raised signifies the 17th consecutive year of the ride).

Mark describes his father as a man who was “passionate about what he did.” When asked to describe the most memorable moment of this year’s ride, Mark answered, “riding down the App Gap in wind and pouring rain...the air about 40 degrees...unable to see through the water or if there were cracks or bumps in the road...the downhill so steep I had to brake constantly...”

Sounds like a passionate man.

Like father, like son.

Mark Ray is UVM Foundation executive director of communications.

Gifts of Gratitude


Gifts of Gratitude

Every day at UVM Medical Center, healthcare professionals go above and beyond in ways large and small to deliver outstanding family-centered care to the patients they serve. Through the Honor a Caregiver program, patients have the opportunity to thank a nurse, physician, or staff member who displays the dedication and compassion at the heart of the medical center’s mission.

The Healthcare Hero lapel pin – worn proudly by hundreds of medical center clinicians, caregivers and staff members – indicates that a gift has been made in honor of the positive impact that person had on a patient’s experience.

Want to learn more? Contact Allison Searson, Director of Annual Giving, (802) 656-5270 or

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