Giving Newsletter December 2017

Giving - Making a Difference

Giving Newsletter

“I want to help everybody in the world that is sick get better.”

- Mollie, age 10, Big Change Roundup Bandit

Philanthropy is grounded in an understanding of our connectedness to one another and in the belief that one can positively impact the lives of others. Those who give often don’t get to meet the people whose lives are changed as a result of their philanthropy, but in the act of giving there is an immediate and palpable knowing that a connection has been made and that a life - or many - will be eased, lifted, even transformed.

For this issue of Giving, we asked a few friends why they donate to the UVM Medical Center or how philanthropy has influenced them. We hope their responses make you feel, as we do, appreciation for the goodwill that abounds and pride in the community we have all created together.

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“My colleagues and I are counting the days until the Miller Building opens and we get to see first-hand the impact of philanthropy on our patients. If anybody needs a beautiful setting to heal, whether amidst the diagnosis of cancer, the throws of treatment or at the end stages, it’s our oncology patients.”

- Jenna Page, MSN, RN, Oncology Certified Nurse

“When you support the hospital, you have this great feeling that you’ve had a part, in some small way,
of making people feel better.”

- Chip Spillane, UVM Medical Center Foundation Board Member

“The nursing care our daughter received in her two long weeks in the neuro ICU was perhaps the most remarkable part of our year in and out of the hospital. There were many and varied kindnesses, from the constant attention, technical prowess, and precise calibration of her meds to shampoos, braiding, stories from the slopes, and good cheer on long shifts. The care Addie received was awe inspiring, and we give this donation in the nurses’ honor with gratitude.”

- Mary Peterson, UVM Medical Center Foundation Board Member

“We are fortunate to have a medical center such as this, and we feel strongly that it is deserving of our support.”

- Bob and Holly Miller, President, REM Development and UVM Medical Center Foundation Honorary Board Member

“Our family gives to the UVM Medical Center in order to support our growing number of innovative Network programs that are designed to better reach people throughout Vermont and Northern New York who are in need.”

- Bob Gramling, MD, DSc, Chief, Division of Palliative Medicine

“I want to be an advocate for people who are marginalized and don’t have access to the health care they need. This clarity is driving me to attain an MD and a PhD, specifically so I can address health care access for those who don’t have a voice. Thanks to the financial assistance I’ve received for my education, this career of service is possible.”

- Christopher Veal, 2nd-year medical student, Larner College of Medicine

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“I fundraise for the Children's Hospital so kids can be kids. I know I am helping programs such as Child Life Specialists and Art from The Heart, to give kids a more comfortable place while in the hospital. Donations also help give families financial aid in their food/travel expenses and help them feel less alone during this scary time. It is really empowering.”

- Meghan Morrison, President, RALLYTHON, UVM Class of 2018

“This past year, I decided to designate my gift for a specific purpose. I funded a travel grant for a 4th-year medical student to join me at a prestigious international Plastic Surgery conference held bi-annually in Israel. The opportunity for Ross Sayadi, MD’17 to develop his network at a critical time in his career and for me to better appreciate the kind of students the Larner College of Medicine is educating was truly transformative for us both.”

- Sumner A. Slavin, MD’73

“It is a great honor to hold the Endowed Professor of Health Sciences, a position made possible by philanthropy. The professorship has significantly expanded the research and educational activities in my department and advanced the scientific development of undergraduate and graduate students. It’s also enhanced my ability to mentor individual students and be an integral part of their success; which has been truly rewarding.”

- Paula Deming, PhD, Chair, Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, College of Nursing & Health Sciences

“I am very grateful to the UVM Medical Center Fund. The grant we received has allowed our Inpatient Psychiatry team to promote an integrative approach for our patients, especially in regard to mind-body health. Furthermore, we can use these resources to provide our patients with useful strategies for self-improvement beyond their stay in the hospital.”

- David Tomasi, PhD, Inpatient Psychiatry Group Therapist

As a non-profit organization, philanthropy is critical to UVM Medical Center’s ability to fund innovation in healthcare while responding to the needs of our patients and families. In the spirit of the season, we extend a special thanks for your partnership and for your continued charitable support.

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