Giving - December 2018

Our December issue of Giving is devoted to messages from donors, caregivers, patients and families, students and faculty about why they donate to our academic medical center

Giving Newsletter

Our December issue of Giving is devoted to messages from donors, caregivers, patients and families, students and faculty about why they donate to our academic medical center or how philanthropy has impacted them. We hope their responses make you feel, as we do, appreciation for the goodwill that abounds and pride in the community we have all built together.

Thank you for the many ways you contribute to the health and wellbeing of others.

Happy Holidays.

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(Above) Delia Branon

“My 7 year-old daughter, Delia, wanted to give money to the UVM Children’s Hospital so she decided to draw pictures and sell them for a penny. She raised about 25 cents so she asked if she could donate the entire contents of her piggy bank as well. Enclosed is her check for $125. We’re thankful for the work you do.”

- Colin Branon

Video of the Month: Every Room Has a Story
Maha Saleem

“I’m the daughter of an immigrant and a sister to two brothers with developmental disabilities. I believe my family’s sacrifices and barriers are blessings that will help shape me into a more compassionate physician and leader. I want to serve the vulnerable, improve our health care system and change the face of medicine. I’m deeply grateful for the Bunker Scholarship that is opening so many doors for me.”

- Maha Neha Saleem, Class of ‘22
  UVM Larner College of Medicine

“News of a cancer diagnosis is scary to an adult, but to a child it can be worse. Our small, local nonprofit recognizes that children who have a parent or caregiver with cancer often feel a range of emotions, including isolation. Through our support of the Child Life Specialist program, and other offerings, we are able to directly impact children’s experiences, help them navigate the cancer diagnosis and develop tools to assist their own healing. We are proud to contribute to children’s lives in this way.”

- Mahana Magic Foundation

(Above) Esther Micena-Matos and Katherine Brush Dick, CNHS ‘67

“Nursing is my dream and my passion. Without the help of the Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund, I would have had to stop my nursing studies here at UVM and return home. I’m proof that those who provide charitable support to the Nursing program at UVM are truly changing lives.”

- Esther Micena-Matos, Class of '19
UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences

(Above) Hyunsoo No

“I’m grateful for The Arnold Goran, MD ’58 and Mariel B. Goran Medical Scholarship that has greatly reduced the financial burden of attending medical school. My family and I had the chance to meet Arnie and Mariel Goran, who welcomed us with open arms. My connection with them has provided not just financial assistance, but career and life advice as well. Arnie continues to remind me that ‘family comes first’ and that self-care is critical to being a care provider. I am deeply invested in the UVM medical community and know it will stay with me for the rest of my career.”

- Hyunsoo Joshua No, Class of 2019, President
UVM Larner College of Medicine Student Council

“Philanthropy has benefitted our nursing, physician and ancillary staff in many ways over many years. This year, charitable gifts supported our Advanced Burn Life Support Provider Course Program in which we train clinicians, EMTs, and other first responders on how best to help those who have been burned. These gifts will enable our program to help more people than ever before.”

- Patrick Delaney, RN, CCRN, Staff Nurse III
Surgical and Pediatric ICU

(Above) Islane Louis

“Earning an advanced degree has been my biggest dream. With working full time and a family to support, this dream seemed unrealistic. Thanks to many generous donors, I received a nursing scholarship from UVM Medical Center and went back to graduate school. Now I have my master’s degree in nursing with emphasis on Leadership in the Health Care System. I’m using my new knowledge to improve patients’ outcomes and teach the next generation of nurses. I’m really grateful.”

- Islane R. Louis, MSN, RN

“It’s very important to have a hospital of this caliber close by. We’ve lived here for many years and the community has been good to us. We decided to donate to a room in the Miller Building as a way of giving back. It was a perfect fit for us and it feels good.”

- Marie & Albert St. Amand, DMD

(Above) Dalton Draper

“I’m lucky. I was born at 32 weeks and spent the first 29 days in the NICU. My mom talks about the amazing nurses and doctors who helped her through the hard stuff, like blood transfusions and breathing tubes – then celebrated with her when I no longer needed the breathing tubes. Today, I do theater, play soccer and baseball. I play with our four dogs. I go to school and I’m healthy. There are many babies and families who need help, and that’s why I raise money for the UVM Children’s Hospital.”

- Dalton Draper, Age 13, Big Change Roundup Bandit

As a non-profit organization, philanthropy is critical to UVM Medical Center’s ability to fund innovation in health care while responding to the needs of our patients and families. In the spirit of the season, we extend a special thanks for your partnership and for your continued charitable support.

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