UVM Medical Center

Gift Celebrates Community Roots

What’s going on in the Miller Building is groundbreaking.


The following are Northfield Savings Bank President and CEO Tom Leavitt’s remarks when presenting a $100,000 gift to the Miller Building. The Bank will name a Team Room and a Conference Room with their contribution.

I have a personal stake in this gift. My grandfather, Allston H. Fogg, UVM ’27, MD ’30, was a decorated World War II Army colonel and physician. He never aspired to the big money; he always applied himself to the same principles you represent. He wanted to support his community and heal people. I’m proud of that. He learned his trade here.

So many life events have happened at UVM Medical Center. Dr. Ittleman with his incredible, gifted hands but also his temperament, calming our family when my father at the age of 60 urgently needed open heart triple bypass surgery just to keep going. And he did for another 14 years thanks to Dr. Ittleman. I’ll not forget that, ever. I could go on about all the moments. I’m sure you hear that from all your grateful patients and families.

What’s going on in the Miller Building in terms of patient-centered care and family-centered involvement, is groundbreaking. You’ve done this because you want each patient to have the very best environment to get well and care teams — doctors, nurses, and technicians — to have the space and the resources they need to deliver the very best care. I buy in fully to this vision and that’s where this gift is coming from.

Northfield Savings Bank has roots planted firmly in Vermont and is now the largest Vermont-based bank, celebrating our 150th anniversary year. This gift goes well with the theme of longevity and commitment to communities in the Green Mountains and Champlain Valley. We don’t pay shareholders a stock dividend; we instead pay a community dividend and this is part of that giving.

So from us to you, thank you so much.

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