Career Opportunities for Current Employees

The University of Vermont Medical Center provides numerous opportunities to pursue a career in health care. We encourage our employees to develop and grow, and to take advantage of the wide range of career options at the UVM Medical Center.

A transfer at work can help the UVM Medical Center employees develop a career path that will be fulfilling and productive for both the employee and the hospital. Employees gain wider and broader experience, develop their skills and gain knowledge about the organization, and the organization gets to keep its valued employees.

Our employees are also an excellent source of qualified candidates for positions at the UVM Medical Center. Many of our best new employees were referred by current the UVM Medical Center employees. The Employee Referral Program provides a financial incentive to current employees who refer quality candidates who are subsequently hired for open positions.

Employee Transfer FAQs

Does anyone at the UVM Medical Center know that I'm logging in to look at job postings?

No. Searching through online job postings is unmonitored and completely confidential.

Do I have to let my current supervisor know if I apply for another job at the UVM Medical Center?

We encourage you to notify your supervisor as soon as possible of any transfer applications you submit. Our policy requires that you notify your supervisor if you are contacted for an interview for another job at the UVM Medical Center. The recruiter and/or the hiring manager may ask your current supervisor for a reference at any time during the application process.

Why do I have to apply for a position in a department where I am already working and the manager knows me?

We post all our job vacancies for a minimum of seven days to provide equal access to internal candidates. Someone else in your department may be interested in applying for the position.

Why does my online application have to be updated when I am already a UVM Medical Center employee?

An up-to-date application allows you to market yourself as a candidate in the best way possible and allows hiring managers to fairly compare and contrast candidates for each position.

What happens to my online application after it's submitted?

You must first meet the basic qualifications for application:

  • You have been in your current position for at least six months.
  • You must have had a recent positive performance evaluation.
  • During the previous 12 months, your hours of unscheduled absence were less than or equal to your standard authorized hours of work per pay period.
  • You have received no written corrective actions within the previous 12 months.

If you meet these qualifications, the recruiter might then forward your online application to the hiring manager for review. The recruiter or hiring manager will contact you if you are selected for an interview.

If you have questions about the referral program or job transfers at the UVM Medical Center, contact the HR department at 802-847-2825, option 3, or 800-722-9922 Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm EST.

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