A Socially and Environmentally Responsible Organization

The University of Vermont Medical Center is a proud member of the Vermont community, with a vested interest in its people and the environment in which we live and work.

Social Responsibility

The UVM Medical Center does a great deal of community outreach, offering extensive health care resources, including:

  • Knowledge sharing and education: Our medical professionals regularly offer free community education classes, hold information sessions for students, and provide physicians in our surrounding rural communities with support in providing the best care possible.
  • Health assessments: UVM Medical Center conducts regular community health needs assessments to determine local opportunities and assets. We also organize many initiatives to promote healthy behavior, from smoking cessation programs to working with area businesses on employer health initiatives and developing community health resources.
  • Public health management: Many of our community outreach activities are coordinated by UVM Medical Center's Community Health Improvement Office. We partner with other nonprofits, businesses, community leaders and government agencies to offer a multitude of programs and educational opportunities serving a variety of populations and age groups in New England. We also support nonprofit organizations focused on wellness.

The UVM Medical Center also collaborates with community health resource groups, including the United Way, the Visiting Nurse Association, the Howard Center and the Community Health Center to address the needs of Vermont and northern New York residents.

"We take pride in our sustainability efforts through our waste reduction programs, green cleaning chemicals, and purchasing new and innovative equipment. In 2013, we reduced our overall waste by 71 tons." Cristal Vestrand, Environmental Services manager

Environmental Responsibility

The UVM Medical Center is a leader in green initiatives. As part of our commitment to the environment, the UVM Medical Center looks for opportunities to introduce green practices, such as establishing sustainable food service, using environmentally safe cleaning products, and following national guidelines for energy-efficient construction. Our commitment to the environment has also led to changes in our purchasing and transportation options.

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