Internships and Training Opportunities at the UVM Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center offers learning opportunities to students wishing to explore professional, medical and/or occupational programs.

Below are options available at the UVM Medical Center and provide guidelines to ensure appropriate coordination of students and visiting learners. These guidelines supplement any Affiliation Agreements that exist with each affiliated educational program prior to the introduction of students at theUVM Medical Center.


The University of Vermont Medical Center offers both paid and unpaid nonclinical internships as needed, allowing students to explore a variety of career opportunities in health care. Semester and summer internships provide students with entry-level, pre-professional experiences designed to enhance and build skills.  

Semester and summer internships provide students with entry-level, pre-professional experiences designed to enhance and build skills. During these internships, The UVM Medical Center seeks to continually guide the student toward increased responsibility and learning opportunities.  

The internships offered vary based on the needs of the hospital, but can range from internships in Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, and Information Services. When internship opportunities are available, they are posted in The UVM Medical Center Jobs database. Candidates must submit an online application to be considered for an internship.

"Throughout my five-month internship, it was clear that the UVM Medical Center values their employees and invests in employee development. This is the main reason I moved back to Vermont to work here. I am so fortunate to have interned with a great organization that is now helping shape my professional career." Megan Flynn, Human Resources Associate

Job Shadow

The UVM Medical Center offers a brief educational work-based experience for high school or post-secondary students, or adults with a bona fide educational interest.

This experience generally lasts between 2 hours to 5 days and introduces the individual to a particular job or career by pairing the student with an employee or clinical faculty member. Students and/or other individuals will follow/shadow the employee as he/she performs normal work activities. The individual may observe and ask questions but will not perform patient care or any other duties.

Areas available for observation opportunities will be at the discretion of the UVM Medical Center. Students must be at least 14 years old (18 years old in the Operating Room areas).

Learn more about our Job Shadowing program.


An observer/mentor is a role in where there is a relationship between a high school or adult with a bona fide educational interest and a healthcare professional who guides the individual for a period greater than 5 days. Human Resources or a UVM Medical Center professional may coordinate such programs in collaboration with the individual directly.

Student/employee relationship is fostered through a variety of mechanisms such as one-on-one interaction, on-line communication and on-site experience. The individual may observe and ask questions but will not perform patient care or other duties.

Visiting Practitioner

Visiting practitioners are individuals visiting UVM Medical Center for one of the following purposes:

  • Educational experience or observation of the visitor
  • Education of UVM Medical Center personnel
  • Assistance with training of UVM Medical Center personnel in a procedure or technique
  • Consultation with or without patient contact

Student/Educational Affiliate

A student/educational affiliate is a student enrolled in professional, medical and/or occupational programs of accredited institutions requiring an affiliation agreement.

Non-Clinical Internship

The non-clinical internship is similar to a student/educational affiliate. However, this is a non-clinical one time/one student experience (generally for one semester or during the summertime), as opposed to the ongoing nature of rotational affiliates. Whether interns are considered employees under the FLSA, and thus entitled to the minimum wage for all hours worked and overtime after 40 hours depends upon a variety of factors. Consult Recruitment for more information.

More Information on Training

For more information, call us at 802-847-2825, Option 3 or visit our Employment Opportunities page.