Healing Ourselves

The Practitioner Health and Advocacy Program (PHAP) exists to promote optimal health and wellbeing for the Medical Staff, House Staff and Allied Health Professionals. It is offered to help providers address and overcome issues that potentially impact patient care, and to assist the provider in maintaining a full, active and safe practice of medicine.

Who does PHAP assist ?

  • Medical Staff
  • House Staff
  • Allied Health Professionals

Who can call PHAP?

  • Any provider in need can self-refer for resources, guidance, and support
  • Concerned colleagues or supervisors
  • Nurses or other staff
  • Students
  • Family members

How to contact PHAP:

Members of the Practitioner Health and Advocacy Program can be contacted individually, or a referral can be made through the Medical Staff Office, Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-5PM. The Medical Staff Office is located at the Medical Center Campus, Baird 196.

The two co-chairs of the program are available 24/7.

  • Suzanne Parker, MD; 864-6595 and 425-3339
  • Sally Stockwell, MD; 879-1802