Did you ever wonder where to start or what to do next on your health and wellness journey?

Employee Wellness has unveiled a new electronic portal for UVM Medical Center employees in 2020. The new portal is mobile and desktop friendly and will allow users the ability to integrate their favorite wearable devices. We are planning organization-wide wellness challenges and new ways to earn points and badges that will help you track your personalized wellness journey – one that encourages, supports and inspires healthier living. The new portal will make participating in wellness at UVM Medical Center simple, friendly and easy to use.

Get started today by clicking the Log-In Now button and create your account. You can start by taking the short Online Health Assessment which is a great way to find your starting point and earn $20 in your paycheck. Then explore the new activities that will earn you points toward our quarterly prize raffles.

In 2020, we look forward to delivering a unique wellness experience for each employee and a step-by-step guide to better health.