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Treating Pediatric Immune System Disorders

We provide expert care for infants, children and adolescents with a wide range of immune system disorders.

At The University of Vermont Children's Hospital, you can be assured of receiving care backed by the latest scientific research provided by compassionate, highly skilled doctors and nurses.

Our pediatric immunologists are specially trained to care for children with immune deficiencies and diseases, giving you access to the newest treatments and therapies.

Through everything we do, we are committed to working collaboratively with your child and family to provide the best possible care - and the support you need.

Benjamin Lee, MD
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
William V. Raszka, MD
Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Hospitals are full of sick people, so they have a lot of germs. And although health care workers do their best to kill germs and protect patients, they can't always prevent infections. Hospital infections can be very serious, especially if you're already weak from whatever illness or problem put you in the hospital in...
Medical tests can be scary for adults and for children. You can help your child feel safe and calm during medical tests if you understand why your child is having the test and remain calm yourself. Talk to your doctor without your child present about any concerns you have about the need for the test, its risks, how it...
What is Hirschsprung's disease? Hirschsprung's disease is a birth defect that affects the nerve cells in the large intestine. These nerve cells control the muscles that normally push food and waste through the large intestine. In babies who have Hirschsprung's disease, the muscles in the wall of the large intestine...