Laboratory Services

For additional information or for any questions, please contact the University of Vermont Medical Center Pathology and Laboratory Customer Service at 802-847-5121 or 800-991-2799.

Laboratory Documents

Anticoagulation Impact on Coagulation Testing

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Results For Gram Negative Organisms

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Results For Gram Positive Organisms

Glucose Tolerance Test, Gestational

Glucose Tolerance Test, NON-Gestational

Parasite Investigation of Stool Specimens Algorithm

Laboratory Forms, General

Alternative Lab Form

Amending diagnosis Information for Non-PRISM Users Form

Autopsy Permission Form

Blood Component Transfusion Indication and Dosage

Blood Products Special Attribute Indications for UVMMC Blood Bank Orders

Telephone/FAX Order Form

Supply Order Form

Laboratory Outpatient Order Forms

Outpatient Laboratory Order Form

Surgical Pathology/Non-Gyn Cytology Requisition

HemePath/Flow Cytometry/Genetic Laboratory Form

Blood Bank 1 Form

Laboratory Informed Consent Forms

New York State Informed Consent for Chromosome Analysis Testing

New York State Informed Consent for FISH Testing

Vermont Informed Consent for Genetic Testing

Patient Collection Brochures

Blood Transfusions: Answering Your Questions

Feces Sample Collection

Fecal Occult Blood Collection

Sputum Sample Collection

Urine Sample Collection

24 Hour Timed Urine Collection

The Hospital Autopsy

Laboratory Contact Information

If you have any questions about Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, please contact Laboratory Customer Service, at 847-5121 or 1-800-991-2799 or Fax 802-847-5905. University of Vermont Medical Center, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine-MP-103, Burlington VT 05401.

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Licensure and Accreditations

American Association of Blood Banks

College of American Pathologists-CP

College of American Pathologists-AP

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments - Main Campus

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments - Endocrinology Cytopathology

Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy

New York State Department of Health, Clinical Laboratory Permit