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Pregnancy. It may be the most special time in your life, so you'll want to receive pre-natal care and plan your delivery with someone who makes you feel comfortable, confident and secure. But how do you find that person? That's what Maternity Match is all about, to help you find a team of caregivers that's right for you and your baby. Whether you choose an OB or a midwife, you'll benefit from our overall team approach to your care.

How To Get Started

  • Start with a "virtual visit" and learn a little something about our providers by watching the video clips below of our OBs and nurse midwives describing their approach to maternity care and working with expectant mothers.
  • Click the button to get advice from our experts without ever leaving home: Ask Away
  • Make an appointment with one of our caregivers to learn about the birthing experience at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Visit with a provider...Virtually

You have a choice when thinking about your pre-natal care: you can choose an obstetrician or a midwife.

If you have questions after you watch the clips, ask. There's a link beneath each video thumbnail for you to send your questions.

UVM Medical Center Midwives




Mary J. Gehrett.



Martha E. Churchill, APRN
Nurse Midwife

Mary Jo Gehrett, APRN
Nurse Midwife

Krista R. Nickerson, APRN
Nurse Midwife







Cormany M. Simon-Nobes, APRN
Nurse Midwife

Bonitta C. Steuer, APRN
Nurse Midwife

Whitney Smith, APRN
Nurse Midwife



Meredith D. Merritt, APRN
Nurse Midwife


UVM Medical Center Obstetricians and Gynecologists



George William Till, MD

Elisabeth K. Wegner, MD