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Travel Immunization Program in Burlington, VT

Are you planning an international trip? The University of Vermont Medical Center Travel Program offers pre-travel vaccinations and immunizations to help you stay healthy throughout your travels abroad. Our expert nurse practitioners can help you determine what vaccinations, immunizations or preventative medications you will need while traveling out of the country.

We offer immunizations and vaccinations for diseases such as malaria, hepatitis, yellow fever, and more. We are one of the only international travel clinics in the region to offer the yellow fever vaccine which is required when traveling to certain countries. Please note: there is currently a yellow fever vaccine shortage so be sure to make your appointment as soon as possible.

You can make an appointment by calling 802-847-4594.

Travel Vaccinations - What You Need to Know

Experienced, Trusted Expertise

Our vaccinations and travel immunizations are given by trained nurses and specialists who can review your medical history and help you determine which vaccinations are needed for the trip you are planning. 

The services we offer include:

  • One-on-one counseling, preventative medicine and post-travel assessment
  • Follow up vaccinations
  • Prevention from unnecessary vaccinations
  • Educational resources

Our care starts at pre-trip planning and extends well beyond your return. We are dedicated to providing you with superior care that is informed by the latest medical information.

Preparation For International Immunization/Vaccination 

It is preferable to visit the travel immunization clinic at the UVM Medical Center 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip. This allows us to properly administer your vaccines and/or premedications safely and effectively and in plenty of time before your departure. Some medications need to be taken several weeks prior to when you leave. Below is information you should bring with you to your appointment:

  • What country are you are visiting and for how long?
  • What previous vaccinations have you had in the past?
  • Have you had any allergic reactions to medications or vaccines?
  • What medications are you currently taking?

Post-Trip Care

Upon your return, our team of specialists are here to assist you with any illness or symptoms you may have. The UVM Medical Center International Travel Program is a part of the Infectious Disease Program and is equipped to address all your post-trip needs.

More Information

To make an appointment at the International Travel Program at the UVM Medical Center or to find out more information, contact us today at 802-847-4594.

If you're traveling with children or if your children are traveling, visit the UVM Children's Hospital Pediatric Infectious Disease program.

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