The Genomic DNA Test

Your health is important to us. Many things determine your health. One important factor is your genetics. Understanding any differences in your DNA can provide valuable health information to guide your health care. We are offering the Genomic DNA Test so that you and your health care providers may know and use the information in your genes to inform your health care. 

Watch the short overview video and read the information documents to learn more.


Test Information for Patients

Please read these downloadable PDF documents for more information about the Genomic DNA Test. Cost and eligibility are addressed in both the brochure and the FAQ document.

Saliva Sample Option: If your provider orders your test during a phone or video visit, you may ask for a saliva (spit) collection kit to be mailed to you instead of getting your blood drawn. You will collect the sample at home and ship it back. Note that certain future test parts (pharmacogenomics) may not be available when using saliva instead of blood. The following links describe collecting saliva at home and then shipping it using a pre-paid shipping label.

The Genomic Medicine Resource Center

The Genomic Medicine Resource Center at the University of Vermont Medical Center provides key services to patients and providers across the Health Network to support the effectiveness of The Genomic DNA Test. It is staffed by a Clinical Geneticist, a Molecular Pathologist, and laboratory staff. There is no cost for the services listed when related to the Genomic DNA Test.


  • Answer your questions before you agree to be tested
  • Questions relating to your family health history and the test
  • Support providers with education about testing and individual results

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling can be made available to you at no cost in relation to this test and its results. Your primary care provider can order this service. Genetic counseling sessions can be done in-person, by telephone, or by secure video chat (Zoom). This includes:

  • Pre-test genetic counseling (what you should know before getting the test)
  • Genetic counseling after receiving your test results

Learn more about Genetic Counseling here.

Contact Us

There are several ways to interact with the Genetics professionals at the Genomic Medicine Resource Center.

  • Email: DNAtestatuvmhealth [dot] org (DNAtest[at]uvmhealth[dot]org)
  • Telephone: 802-847-8135 Please leave us a voicemail if not answered.

Research opportunities

While The Genomic DNA Test is a clinical test, your genomic information and your health information can combine to help researchers unravel genetic connections to disease. You can choose to participate in health research involving genomic information, whether or not you have the Genomic DNA Test.

Learn more: The All of Us Research Program the National Institutes of Health (NIH).