Waste Reduction at the UVM Medical Center

From our cafes to the operating room, The University of Vermont Medical Center aims to reduce waste in all areas of hospital operations. With the support of staff and community partners, we've developed comprehensive recycling and waste reduction processes.

Greening the Operating Room

The UVM Medical Center has earned national recognition for its waste reduction efforts in the operating room (OR).

We have a robust program for recycling blue wrap, the plastic fabric that encases surgical supplies. Since 2010, we have recycled 50 tons of blue wrap.

We've also implemented a single-use medical device reprocessing program, a process that makes it possible for healthcare providers to reuse certain types of medical equipment. In 2017, we collected over 7.5 tons of single-use devices.


Our composting program helps divert waste from entering the landfill. In 2017, we composted over 400 tons of food waste.

Drug Waste

The UVM Medical Center has implemented drug waste collection points called Med Safes at each of our outpatient pharmacies. These sites enable our patients to dispose of unwanted, unused or discontinued pharmaceuticals in a safe, controlled setting.