As one of approximately 130 university medical centers in the country, our academic affiliation with the University of Vermont allows us to provide the best patient care possible by bringing research and education to the bedside.

Overall Measures - Clinical Data

Clinical measures have been identified by The Joint Commission as being important indicators of care quality.

Inpatient Mortality Rate

Overall Measures - Length of Stay

Length of stay measures the number of days a patient spends in the hospital.

Inpatient Length of Stay

Overall Measures - Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction surveys report the patient's perspective on the care they received.

Overall Inpatient Satisfaction Overall Physician Patient Satisfaction Teaching and Instruction Regarding Self-Care, Medications and Treatments Emergency Department Satisfaction Pain Management

Overall Measures - Volume

Volumes are the number of patients seen or the number of procedures or type of care occurring in the hospital during a specific time period.

Inpatient Discharges Hospital Outpatient Visits Professional Visits Surgical Procedures

Overall Measures - Related Links

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