The UVM Medical Center Visiting Hours

At the University of Vermont Medical Center we recognize that family members are essential, valued members of the healing process. You have the right to choose who may visit you while you are in the hospital. We don’t restrict or deny visitation based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or disability.

Welcoming Policy

Our Welcoming policy invites family and friends to visit according to the patient’s preference without restriction or set visiting hours.

  • "Family" is defined by the patient, and can include people who are related to them in any way — biologically, legally or emotionally.
  • There are no age restrictions, although children under 13 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult.
  • The number of loved ones present is dependent on the needs and comfort of the patient.
  • Decisions about visitations can be made in consultation with nurses or other members of the health care team.

There are no age restrictions on family and friends visiting, except in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where only adults can be present. Otherwise, children and teens are welcome at the bedside.

The number of family and friends that can be accommodated at the bedside is dependent on the needs and comfort of the patient as well as the needs and comfort of the second patient in a semi-private room. Unit nursing staff may ask patients and families to limit numbers of family members at the bedside when it impacts the environment of care. In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, only 2 adults can be accommodated at a time due to space considerations.

Please be aware that family and friends may be asked to leave a patient’s room when the patient or the patient’s roommate in a semi-private room requires care, during sensitive discussion, or at other times where privacy is needed or requested. Please be assured that we will re-unite you with your loved ones as quickly as possible.

Finally, family and friends can help keep our patients safe by washing hands frequently, following nursing staff instructions regarding infection precautions, and not visiting if you have any symptoms that could be contagious. On many units, the unit secretary or a licensed nurse assistant screens guests to the unit for illness and exposures and provide specific directions around visiting safely.

Contact Us

For more information on our Welcoming policy, please call 802-847-0000.

The UVM Medical Center Weapon and Gun Policy

The UVM Medical Center prohibits all weapons in all facilities associated with the UVM Medical Center, excluding law enforcement personnel. For information on the gun and weapons policy at the UVM Medical Center visit Gun, Firearm and Weapons