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Sending a thoughtful gift or message to your family member or friend who is spending time in the hospital has never been easier.

Flowers and Gifts

If you would like to order flowers or a gift and have them delivered to a patient here at The University of Vermont Medical Center, you can do so by contacting our Gift Shop at 802-847-2841.

Email a Message

We are pleased to provide this service which allows you to send an e-mail message to your family member or friend who is a patient at the UVM Medical Center. Encouraging messages can play an important role in a patient's recovery.

Before you submit your message, please be sure that the PATIENT'S FIRST AND LAST NAME, room number (if known) and the sender's name are included in the e-mail message. Your message will be sent to Volunteer Services Department to be printed off and addressed to the patient. E-mail messages are not confidential.

E-mail greetings are delivered in the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The email will be printed and delivered by a volunteer at The University of Vermont Medical Center.