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Find a University of Vermont Doctor or Specialist

Choosing the right doctor or health care provider is of utmost importance. Whether seeking a primary care physician, a family medicine doctor, or pediatrician to serve as an ongoing partner in your health, or a medical specialist to provide advanced care for a serious illness or injury, our provider directory is designed to help you select the right provider. Our specialists treat patients from Vermont, northern New York and parts of New Hampshire.

All providers listed here are on the UVM Medical Center’s medical staff, which includes:


  • UVM Medical Group providers are employed by The University of Vermont
  • Community providers: in private practice

Looking for a Primary Care Doctor Who is Accepting Patients?

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Allyson B. Bazarsky, DO
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James T. Boyd, MD
Edward G. Boyer
Bradley C. Clopton, APRN
Christopher S.L. Commichau, MD
Neurology, Vascula...
Timothy J. Fries, MD
Deepak K. Gupta, MD
Michael K. Hehir, MD
Noah A. Kolb, MD
Nancy R. Malhotra, APRN
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Clinical Neurophys...
Joseph W. McSherry, MD, PhD
Clinical Neurophys...
Argirios Moustakas, MD
Clinical Neurophys...
Keith J. Nagle, MD
Clinical Neurophys...
Mary Val Palumbo, APRN
William W. Pendlebury, MD
Neurology, Neuropa...
Chantal Roy-Hewitson, MD
Robert E. Shapiro, MD, PHD
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Philip M. Skidd, MD
Aurelia A. Smith, MD
Andrew J. Solomon, MD
Rup Tandan, MD
Alissa A. Thomas, MD
Danilo Vitorovic, MD
Clinical Neurophys...
Waqar Waheed, MD
Neurology, Neuromu...
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Default Provider Image
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