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Home Health & Hospice President Judy Peterson retiring after 8 years at helm
Board of directors announces search for next chief executive
UVM Health Network’s Three Vermont Hospital Affiliates Submit FY2021 Budget Request
Budget Aims to Get CVMC, Porter, UVM Medical Center on Path to Recovery
Tomato Chickpea Basil Salad
Basil is reputed to support the health of the immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. The flavonoids in this herb act as antioxidants to protect the body’s cells from oxygen-based damage. And t...
Smoking Took Her Husband and Her Son. Now She's Ready to Quit.
Marilyn Powell knows all too well about the impacts of smoking. She says she has no doubt that smoking contributed to the death of her father, her husband, even her oldest son who passed away in his ...
Prevent Falls to Avoid Osteoporosis Complications
Osteoporosis, which means brittle bones, is common and under-treated, but an incredibly important condition to manage. In fact, one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bo...
Hot Cars and Kids Don't Mix
We’ve had some hot weather this year, and summer is not even half over! Now is a good time to remind ourselves about the dangers of child in-vehicle heatstroke. There are several ways heatstroke trag...
Caring for Your Grandchildren? Set Yourself up for Success
While our communities slowly re-open, access to summer camps and childcare is still limited meaning many grandparents may find themselves providing care for their grandchildren. If you are a grandpar...
UVM Medical Center Announces Retirement of Dawn LeBaron
LeBaron, VP, Hospital Services, Has Been Instrumental in Many Milestones
Gardening for Health program to launch at The University of Vermont Medical Center
A collaboration between UVM Medical Center Adult Primary Care, Nutrition Services and the Vermont Community Garden Network
Still working from home? Set yourself up for success
As we continue to experience this prolonged state of working from home, I find myself terribly uncomfortable. Let’s face it, our homes are not necessarily equipped to be our workspaces, and we weren’...
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