CPE Ministry Opportunities in Burlington, VT

Sponsor: As Vermont's University Medical Center, we at UVM Medical Center are committed to providing the highest quality of care for patients and their families throughout the region. We care for people every day - helping them in their time of need, offering compassion and a kind word, and providing leading edge, research-based therapies. Above all, we are dedicated to service and putting patients first.

Through a vital partnership, UVM Medical Center, the University of Vermont College Medicine and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences form Vermont's University Medical Center - one of just 138 such centers in the country. Together in service, we improve our region's quality of life with innovations in medicine and health care that arise from new knowledge and discovery.

Burlington has many colleges and a wide variety of cultural, educational, and entertainment opportunities as well as the beautiful Lake Champlain.

We place a priority on providing a supportive/challenging, stimulating and safe learning environment that will assist you in your preparation for future ministry. Dignity and respect of the individual intern are hallmarks of the UVM Medical Center CPE program. We foster a diverse intern group without discrimination.

We believe in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." You are a gifted person and we wish to assist with the enhancement of your contributions for ministry.

Listing of Assigned Placements

Each CPE participant will have the opportunity to practice providing spiritual care in three patient care areas. It is expected that the CPE intern will initiate spiritual care visits, respond to referrals from the health care team and collaborate with staff chaplains in the assigned areas.

The CPE intern will be encouraged to work closely with the health care team to foster the practice of interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

A variety of clinical assignments are available: cardiac care, neurosurgery, general medicine, oncology, kidney dialysis, rehabilitative medicine, emergency department, intensive care, children's hospital and the Fanny Allen campus with long term care and geriatric care.

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