What happens when talented physicians come together in partnership as teachers, clinicians and researchers? Academic health care that's both inspired and personal.

The University of Vermont (UVM) Medical Group fosters collaboration and creates a place where clinical and teaching excellence and research-based expertise are put into practice daily.

The University of Vermont College of Medicine graduates nearly 100 physicians and 20 biomedical Ph.D.s every year. Each of these graduates develops skills that will make them better caregivers and position them to serve as leaders. With access to state-of-the-art technology, they provide multidisciplinary care while teaching and training the next generation of health care professionals.
The 480 physicians who comprise The UVM Medical Group are not only improving the lives of patients in our own backyard and across the region, but their dedication to knowledge and discovery is advancing the entire field of medicine.

Patient Care

The UVM Medical Center has received national recognition for our efforts to continuously improve the quality of care we provide. The University HealthSystem Consortium ranked UVM Medical Center 15th of 88 academic medical centers in its most recent Quality and Accountability study. Our UVM Medical Group commitment to excellent patient care is a leading factor in this success.


The UVM Medical Group members are constantly striving to find answers that will advance the field of medicine and share what they've learned with colleagues. UVM Medical Center continues to recruit top research talent, increasing the already high level of expertise we offer to patients and colleagues.


Constant learning is a way of life for members of The UVM Medical Group. As teachers and researchers, they are abreast of the latest developments in their fields and bring that knowledge to their students and patients. Our primary care medical education program continues to rank as one of the very best in the country.

The UVM Medical Group Quick Facts

  • Over 475 physicians
  • Supported by over 150 mid-level providers
  • Nearly 950 full-time staff
  • Over 1 million patient encounters each year
  • More than 30 full-time practice locations
  • Over 16,000 hours of teaching medical students by lectures, small group sessions, lab hours, skill sessions, and graduate instruction and mentorship