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The University of Vermont Medical Center uses SecureMobile, a suite of apps that allows you to manage work information from a mobile device. SecureMobile offers you more secure access to email, web, documents and the applications you use most often, including Citrix, from your smart phone or tablet.

Enrollment Instructions

Removal Instructions

At a Glance

All UVM Medical Center clinicians and staff who now use or plan to use a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) to access the Medical Center computer system.


iOS 9 or higher

Android 4.4 or higher (Kindle Fire is not supported)

Call (802) 847-1414 or email the IS Service Center for help with enrollment and installation or if you have questions.

This website contains all the information you need to successfully load SecureMobile on your mobile devices:

To Enroll In SecureMobile:

  • If you have never synchronized email to your mobile device before, contact the IS Service Center to be set up as a SecureMobile user. You can contact the IS Service Center by calling (802) 847-1414 or by email at
  • Click here for enrollment instructions.

Your ultimate help source is the IS Service Center, which can be reached at (802) 847-1414, or

SecureMail instructional videos from Citrix

Some of the videos below contain information about WorxMail, which is now known as SecureMail.  The content in these videos is still applicable to SecureMail.

Outlook for Exchange Online Users

Users with mailboxes in Exchange Online can choose to use the Outlook mobile app instead of SecureMail to access email from mobile devices. You must still enroll your device in SecureMobile, then can follow these instructions for setting up Outlook:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to use SecureMobile?

Data protection must be every employee's responsibility. SecureMobile offers a significantly higher level of security for patient, employee and UVM Medical Center information. This type of security protection is becoming industry-standard for all types of organizations, not just in health care. Anyone who wants to access the data and applications on the UVM Medical Center's computer network from a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) will be required to do so via SecureMobile.

Does enrolling my device in SecureMobile affect the privacy of my personal data on my mobile device?

No. Enrolling your mobile device in SecureMobile does not affect the privacy of your personal data. SecureMobile creates a "secured corporate container," which means it creates an encrypted space for UVM Medical Center email that is completely separate from the personal part of your device.  While UVM Medical Center controls the policies and data within that corporate container on your device, there is no control or view into the personal part of your device. This is important because, should you ever lose your device, get a new device, or leave the organization, we can remove the information in the corporate part of the device, while leaving the personal part with all of your personal data intact. 

What are other some of the benefits of SecureMobile?

  • View, create, open and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
  • The integration of SecureWeb and SecureMail allows you to access internal websites no matter where you are.
  • From the SecureMail, you can manage mail, calendar and contacts (switching back and forth without losing your place), set your out-of-office message, and access the full Global Address List.
  • SecureMobile lets you access all your Citrix desktop applications (PRISM, KRONOS, HR Central, GEWEB, and many more).
  • You can download just the apps you want from the Store, which lives on your mobile device. Load apps with just a few taps.

How does SecureMobile improve security?

  • SecureMobile requires two passwords (a four-digit PIN to unlock the device plus a six-digit PIN to access your work data), which is becoming industry-standard.
  • Designate a portion of your device just for work use so anyone else picking up your phone can't access your work information.
  • Enrolling your device ensures that it is compliant with medical center security policies. Additional security functions provide better options for managing access to work data from mobile devices without affecting the personal data on the device.
  • If you lose your device, IS can locate it and can "wipe" only the corporate data, leaving all your personal data intact.
  • If you forget your PIN, IS can reset it for you and help manage the device remotely with your permission.

Is there a downside to SecureMobile?

  • You will be required to authenticate using your six-digit PIN when opening the SecureMobile apps if you have not used the app in the last hour.  iPhone users with TouchID configured can log in with their fingerprint.
  • There is a separation between the coporate apps on the device and the personal apps.  Data from the Corporate container cannot interact with personal apps that are not part of the corporate container.
  • Because your work and personal calendars will now be separate, you won't be able to integrate them. We understand that this will be an adjustment and some users may find this change frustrating. We are convinced that the benefits of the new system far outweigh this factor.

Will I have to upgrade my older phone to download WorxMobile?
SecureMobile is currently available for iPhones and iPads running IOS 9 and later and Android Devices running 4.4 and later. Blackberry, Kindle Fire, and Windows devices are not supported.

Can I load this on my personal phone, or do I have to have a Medical Center phone?
You can load SecureMobile onto a UVM Medical Center or personal phone. However, if you have modified your mobile device regarding security (known as a “jailbroken” device), you will not be able to configure SecureMobile.

Which work apps are available on SecureMobile?
SecureEdit, SecureMail, SecureWeb, Citrix Receiver, SecureNotes, and SecureTasks. In addition, users can easily access the same applications that are available to them through the Remote Access Gateway. The actual suite of apps available to users will vary by user as determined by their role.

For more information or questions, please contact the IS Service Center at (802) 847-1414 or email