Take Your Wellbeing to the Next Level in 2019

Take it to the Next Level is an Employee Wellness campaign that offers you incentives to participate in healthy activities to improve your overall health and wellbeing. All full-time, part-time and per-diem staff at the UVM Medical Center can participate and earn up to $175 in incentives during 2019. Take your wellbeing to the Next Level in 2019 by involving your co-workers and completing multiple activities with Employee Wellness. 

Here's how to begin:

To be eligible, you must be registered on the employee wellness website. To register or sign in, use your M# as your username and create a password different from the one you use at work. Provide your e-mail address to receive payout status updates and start earning up to $175 in incentives:
  1. Earn an instant $25 gift card: Participate in an Employee Wellness biometric screening. Sign up through the Employee Wellness Website.
  2. Earn $30, Health Assessment: Complete your 2019 online health assessment on the Employee Wellness website.
  3. Earn $10, Know Your Score Survey: After completing your health assessment, learn about what your score means and how you can improve your score.
  4. Earn $35, Preventative Health: Once your health assessment is complete, we recommend that you visit your primary care physician for a preventive screening or an annual exam. 
  5. Earn $50, Choose a Wellbeing Activity: Complete an activity in any dimension of wellbeing of your choice to help you progress and achieve your goals.
  6. Earn $25, Building Resiliency: Build your resiliency through targeted stress reduction activities.

New Ways to Earn Incentives in 2019

  • 3 Incentive Payout: Incentives will be paid out through your paycheck in three paychecks.
  • Building Resilience: Wellbeing is about our minds as well as our bodies. Employee Wellness has provided new ways to take proactive steps to enhance your self-care, reduce your stress and build healthy relationships at home and work.
  • Know Your Score: Use this quick and easy survey tool to better understand your health assessment results.
  • Health Coaching: Discuss your vision with an Employee Wellness Health Coach to create an action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Tobacco Free Lifestyle: Use a variety of methods including coaching and free nicotine replacement therapy.

If you experience any issues logging into the website, please email bwell@bcbsvt.com. Questions about your incentives? Email wellness@uvmhealth.org.



Employee Wellness is a partnership initiative between The UVM Medical Center and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont.