Test Updates and Changes

Review recent test updates from The University of Vermont Medical Center Pathology and Laboratory Medicine below.

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Name Date Downloads
​Urinalysis Order Changes For Epic Users ​11/9/2019 ​Download PDF
​Urinalysis Order Changes For Non Epic Users
​11/9/2019 ​Download PDF
​ALT Reference Range Change ​9/1/2019 ​Download PDF
​Urine Drugs of Abuse Testing Change ​7/17/2019 Download PDF
​Mycobacterial Identification CPT Code Change ​6/24/2019 ​Download PDF
Documentation of Date and Time Required with Laboratory Orders 4/1/2019 Download PDF
Reportable Range Change for Serum/Urine Sodium, Total T3, Urine Calcium, Cardiac Troponin l 2/11/2019 Download PDF
Urine  and 24 Hour Creatinine Clearance Reference Range Changes
2/11/2019 Download PDF
Conjugated and Unconjugated Bilitubin (Including Neonatal) will be Discontinued at the Fanny Allen Campus 2/1/2019 Download PDF
Lyme Antibody Confirmation Platform Change 1/9/2019 Download PDF
Blood Gas Analyzer Platform Change 12/19/2018 Download PDF
HPV Genotyping 12/19/2018 Download PDF
Respiratory Virus Testing 11/20/2018 Download PDF
HIV Confirmation Assay
10/10/2018 Download PDF
Virology Testing Changes 10/24/2018 Download PDF
TB By QuantiFERON Gold Plust Test Kit Change 8/30/2018 Download PDF
Legionella Culture Inactive 8/29/2018 Download PDF
HCG Name Change 8/29/2018 Download PDF
Tick-Borne Illness Update 7/30/2018 Download PDF
Blood Bank Change for First Time RBC Transfusions 7/12/2018 Download PDF
Lupus Anticoagulant Cascade Change in Days Performed
6/4/2018 Download PDF
Lynch Syndrome Screening on Endometrial Cancer Resections 5/3/2018 Download PDF
Hemagram Name Change 6/6/2018 Download PDF
Urine Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing for Enterococcus Species
5/2/2018 Download PDF
New Chemistry Platforms
5/2/2018 Download PDF
ANCA and ANA Stability
4/4/2018 Download PDF
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Panel, Yeast
4/25/2018 Download PDF
GC Screen Discontinued 4/11/2018 Download PDF
Miscellaneous Tests, New Process for Non-PRISM Users 4/11/2018 Download PDF
Miscellaneous Tests, New Process for PRISM Users 4/11/2018 Download PDF
Reagent Change for Intact-PTH Immunoassay 3/2/2018 Download PDF
Change to Aspenti Health for DOA Confirmation Testing 2/14/2018 Download PDF
Reflex Genomic Testing for Unresectable Non-Small Lung Cancer (NSCLC) or Carcinoma, Suspected Lung Primary 2/5/2018 Download PDF
Actin IgG and Mitochondrial IgG Antibody Testing Discontinued at UVMMC 3/14/2018 Download PDF
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Studies New Recommendations 2/12/2018 Download PDF
Lyme Disease Serology CSF 1/31/2018 Download PDF
Blood Parasite Exam Update
11/29/2017 Download PDF
CSF Acid Fast Bacilli Smear Discontinued 11/29/2017 Download PDF
Update on Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Testing: A Protein of Many Faces
11/20/2017 Download PDF
Autopsy Service Changes for Products of Conception, Fetal Demise, Neonatal Deaths 10/24/2017 Download PDF
Blood Fungal and AFB Culture Specimen Volume Change 11/6/2017 Download PDF
HSV Type 1 & 2 Antibody IgG Antibody Change 11/6/2017 Download PDF
Urinalysis Method Change
10/26/2017 Download PDF
Hemoglobin A1c Reference Range Terminology Change 10/23/2017 Download PDF
Testosterone Reference Range Change 10/2/2017 Download PDF
Vancomycin Reporting Range Change 10/2/2017 Download PDF
Plain Red Top Tube Change 9/13/2017 Download PDF
Serum Separator Tube Change 9/13/2017 Download PDF
An Update on Neutral Buffered Formalin Fixation 9/13/2017 Download PDF
Urine Cytology: Introduction to the Paris System 10/1/2017 Download PDF
Fungal Smear Name Change 9/18/2017 Download PDF
Babesia species, Molecular Detectio, PCR, Blood: Change in ability to order 8/23/2017 Download PDF
Bordetella pertussis PCR 9/20/2017 Download PDF
Hepatitis A Name Change 9/13/2017 Download PDF
Aptima Vaginal Swab Collection Kit Name Change
8/15/2017 Download PDF
Albumin Reagent Issues Resolved 7/20/2017 Download PDF
Reagent Issues with Albumin Measurement 7/13/2017 Download PDF
HIV Viral Load Reporting Change 7/13/2017 Download PDF
New Celiac Disease Screening Panel 7/26/2017 Download PDF
Kleihaur-Betke Testing Changes Based on Clinical Indication 6/12/2017 Download PDF
ANA's and Beyond: Introduction of Nova View Digital IFA Reader Reviewed 5/20/2019Posted 5/9/2017 Download PDF
Progesterone Results Falsely Elevated Due to Cross Reactivity with DHEA-S Reviewed 3/15/2019
Posted 2/20/2017
Download PDF
HLA Disease-Related Testing Update Reviewed 1/19/2019 Posted 9/28/2016 Download PDF
Endomysial Antibody NOT Recommened Reviewed 12/7/2018
Posted 9/13/2016
Download PDF