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In addition to serving as The University of Vermont Medical Center's laboratory, the department also serves as a reference and consultative service for many hospitals in the North East.

The UVM Medical Center Laboratory is a member of the Northeast Community Laboratory Alliance (NECLA), a regional affiliation comprised of all of the hospitals in Vermont. Through a coordinated delivery system, NECLA is designed to support local and regional health care providers while supporting each hospital member’s outreach activities without limiting their primary loyalty to their hospital and its alliances. NECLA was formed in 1996 and is partnered with Mayo Medical Laboratories.

Our website offers a comprehensive guide to our services and contact information. Please contact our customer service professionals at 802-847-5121 with any specific inquiries.

Test Catalog

The test catalog provides information about tests and indicates which tests are performed and/or examined at the UVM Medical Center. The catalog is powered by Mayo Medical Laboratories, a clinical partner of the UVM Medical Center.

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