Clinical Pathology at UVM Medical Center


The Chemistry Department is a large area of the Clinical Laboratory which houses both the High Volume Chemistry testing area and the Special Chemistry testing areas.  The diagnostic testing performed in this department are a mix of highly automated assays and more specialized manually performed tests.  A recent addition to the department is the Vitros Automation Solutions System which includes automated sample handling modules and a track delivery system, both which will serve to increase efficiency and improve area turn around times.

The High Volume testing area operates 24-7 and analyzes hundreds of samples per day. Assays include:


  • Complete metabolic panels
  • Thyroid assays
  • Lipid panels
  • Liver panels
  • Cardiac markers
  • Arterial and venous blood gas measurements
  • Fluid osmolality
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine drugs of abuse screening

The Special Chemistry Testing area operates Mon-Fri, 8-430, with the exception of a few assays which are available via STAT requests.   The testing mix in this area includes:


  • Hepatitis and HIV(4th generation) screening, Hepatitis C by PCR, HIV Quantitation by PCR
  • Endocrine testing
  • Fertility hormone levels
  • Tumor marker assays(PSA, CEA, Ca125, C199, C2729)
  • Whole Blood Lead quantitation
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Immunosuppressant drug monitoring
  • Volatile screen by GLC
  • Serum, urine, and hemoglobin electrophoresis
  • A variety of other viral and infectious disease markers including LYME antibody


The faculty of the Medical Microbiology Laboratory conducts and interprets testing for patients with viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections at the University of Vermont Medical Center. In addition we serve as a resource to hospitals in the University of Vermont healthcare network as well as outpatient facilities. 

We provide consulting services and work closely with our clinicians to ensure appropriate test utilization and the acquisition of quality specimens. If we cannot perform a test in our laboratory we ensure shipment of specimens to reference labs in a timely fashion.

In addition to clinical testing, we are involved in research, the training of infectious disease fellows, medical students, pathology residents, dermatology fellows and bio-medical technology students from the University of Vermont.