Autopsy Pathology

Autopsies in Vermont are performed at The University of Vermont Medical Center. See our protocols if you are a clinician seeking information about how to refer to our autopsy pathology service.



Anatomic Pathology, Division Chief: Alexandra Kalof, MD                                            
Cytopathology Medical Director: Scott Anderson, MD                                                        
Anatomic Pathology Manager: Tim St. John, CT(ASCP)                                             
Cytopathology Supervisor: Sandra Giroux, SCT(ASCP)


Cytopathology, the microscopic evaluation of cellular samples is performed primarily for the diagnosis of cancer, but also includes the diagnosis of precancerous lesions, benign tumors and inflammatory/infectious processes. 

On an annual basis, the Cytopathology Department processes and evaluates approximately 28,000 Pap tests, 4000 exfoliative non-gynecologic samples (such as voided urine and bronchial brushings) and 2000 fine needle aspirations (FNA). Fine needle aspirations of palpable lesions can be performed by Cytopathologists.  Deep seated, non-palpable lesions are performed with imaging guidance in the UVMMC Radiology Department with specimen collection assistance provided by Cytopathology personnel. Sites amenable to FNA include breast, lung, liver, pancreas, head and neck lesions and lymph nodes.

Cytopathology services are offered to UVMMC inpatients as well as to an outpatient service area which extends throughout northern Vermont, into northern New Hampshire and upstate New York. UVMMC provides cytopathology services for nine community hospitals throughout the region. Cytopathology also offers expert consultation services for specimens collected/evaluated elsewhere.

Seven anatomic pathologists with additional Cytopathology board certification have service responsibilities in the department. The department is staffed with 8 cytotechnologists, 4 lab assistants and two cytology prep technicians. After processing, the cytology samples are initially evaluated by a cytotechnologist who
determines which cases warrant further review by a cytopathologist.

The department supports an ACGME Cytopathology Fellowship Program and is a clinical affiliate for cytology students attending the Albany School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Cytotechnology program.

Surgical Pathology

Surgical Pathology provides specimen processing for surgical/biopsy samples received at The UVM Medical Center.

Electron Microscopy

The Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC) is a College of Medicine Core Facility designed as a multi-user resource for the collection and analysis of biological images for clinical and research applications. The MIC consists of six microscopy-based imaging systems. At the light and electron microscopic levels, it provides state of the art, quality assured, morphologically oriented services.