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Laboratory Services - Main Campus

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at The UVM Medical Center

Welcome to The University of Vermont Medical Center's Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Our providers offer excellence in patient care, resident, medical student and allied health care teaching, and clinical and basic research.

In addition to performing testing for The UVM Medical Center inpatient and outpatient population, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine serves as a reference and consultative service for many hospitals in the Northeast. We are the primary reference lab for the Northeast Community Laboratory Alliance (NECLA), a regional affiliation linking community hospital labs throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. Mayo Medical Laboratories is also a founding member and partners with the network to perform very esoteric testing not offered locally.

The department comprises 30 full-time pathologists with a full range of specialties including, dermatology, cytogentics, pulmonology, autopsy, breast cancer and neuropathology. As a regional reference laboratory, we perform over 2.7 million tests annually. In addition, we have over 37,000 surgical cases and 1,400 consults each year. Our residency program currently accepts up to 17 residents and fellows. The program offers a combined curriculum in both anatomic and clinical pathology leading to board certification for both disciplines.

Pathology Residency Programs
Cytopathology Fellowship
Dermatopathology Fellowship
Hematopathology Fellowship
Surgical Pathology Fellowship

We are also nationally recognized for our cytopathology school, upon completion, this one year program allows students to sit for the national registry examination given by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).

The University of Vermont offers a degree course in medical laboratory sciences and the undergraduate student's intern in both our clinical and anatomic laboratories.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is one of the largest departments at The UVM Medical Center and performs testing around the clock, 365 days a year. Our staff members are highly trained professionals and many are nationally certified in their discipline.

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at The University of Vermont Medical Center is staffed with highly skilled providers who offer excellence in patient care, teaching and research. As a university hospital, we offer a setting that combines these activities with the latest advancements in technology to fuel better care for our patients.
Learn more about our clinical, research and academic missions below.

Patient Care

How to refer a patient to the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at The UVM Medical Center:
For information on the Office of Provider Relations, Provider Access Services and Patient Placement Services, visit Patient Referral Resources.


Medical Education – Our providers teach students in the UVM College of Medicine and College of Nursing and Health Sciences, as well as in our nationally recognized Cytotechnology Training Program.
Fellowship and Residency Programs - The UVM Medical Center offers post-medical degree training programs in over 17 service lines. Learn about our Pathology Residency Program and all Vermont residency and fellowship programs.
Continuing Medical Education (CME) – Our CME program offers a series of medical courses for health care professionals to learn about new and developing areas of their fields. Visit CME.
Grand Rounds - Grand Rounds present current medical topics and developments. They are sponsored by individual departments on a regular basis. Search the schedule for upcoming dates and times.


The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine works to enhance understanding of pathologic mechanism of disease, focusing on studies in cardiovascular molecular epidemiology and histology.  For more information, visit the Department of Pathology at the University of Vermont or go to the Office of Clinical Trials Research to receive up-to-date information on the latest clinical trials.